Wednesday, September 04, 2019

AVON Life Colour EDP Fragrance; a co-created with Kenzo Takada | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

You probably already know that Avon Luminata is my ultimate favorite fragrance!!
Since that, I'm excited to know more about Avon Fragrance. Avon is one of trusted brand in Malaysia where they have everything you need in beauty and health especially for women. I still remember growing up reading Avon Catalog and play the "gosok" perfume on the book. Ihikss! *siapa macam ni jugak kita geng! Heheee..

Anyway, less of the chit-chatty.. Let's dives into the NEW Avon Life Colour EDP Fragrance for her. 

A vibrant looking fragrance that brings the vibe of happiness and joy! 

Avon welcomes the new fragrance exclusively co-created with re-owned fashion and fragrance designer Kenzo Takada, a revolutionized fashion with 4 decades of international success. WOWW! You can imagine how cool this fragrance right..

You can spot Kenzo Takada on the packaging.

 Net weight: 50ml
Made in: Poland

Before I explain in the details about the scent, let just take a moment an appreciate this beautiful design of fragrance bottle!! OMGGG..  *jaw drop

Sometimes I have that habit buying the perfume because of the packaging!! Hahahaa.. And this fragrance nails it! The bottle is SUPERBBB. It is designed by Kenzo Takada himself that inspired by prism motive that resemble a beam of light shinning and bursting into a spectrum of beautiful colors. The bottle color in in red with gradient hue. 

Did you see the prism vibes there

the lid also LIT!

The scent has unique combination of fresh pear, raspberry, magnolia and warm orris and cedarwood. It is claims to radiates happiness and positivity when you used it. 

My verdict:-
Since I love sweet scent of fragrance, the moment I smell this I lovin' already!! It has that hint of sweet scent but more toward freshness version. I can imagine wear this and people will detect the "cheerful" vibes in me already. It kinda uplifting the mood and show the sophisticated version of you at the same time. The main olfactive in this fragrance is Magnolia. Normally it has creamy sweet with a light citrus to it. Just the way I like it! Guess what??? I found another favorite fragrance from Avon! YEAYYY..

If you're into sweet scent like me, I recommend you to try Avon Life Color Fragrance! It might gonna be your new favorite scent. Let's show out radiant personality with shinning of happiness with a great scent. WEEE~

Price: RM155.00 WM/ RM178.25EM
Availability: Avon Representatives, Avon Boutique or online (

Ohh wait, Avon Life Colour also comes in for him EDT . If you planning to buy for your husband/boyfriend, you also can get it to match-match.. The bottle for me also beautiful in blue color! Now I'm proudly to say that I'm wearing perfume from Avon! Not only it has wonderful scent, it also comes in beautiful bottle! I hope you find my review helpful. All review are based on my personal opinion and preferences.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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