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The Butterfly Project Healthy & Wellness Workshop

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last few weeks I manage to squeeze-in some time to join Health & Wellness Workshop organized by The Butterfly Project Malaysia (Malaysia Beauty Blogger Community). The main purpose of this event is to focus on #selfcare #selflove to every one. Self-care is important as it will help us to stay positive and happy regardless what you surrounding with. 

The event starts with a little workout and shake your body session. Hehehee..

Main agenda during the event is The Mind, Body & Spirit Sessions where it's gonna be 3 session for us to participate and enjoy. Thanks to 3 awesome brand that sponsor; Plant Origins, Minc.Care, and Naturally Handmade. 

p/s: some of the photo are taken by talented Eros (

 Session 1 
Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop by Dashindra Siva Plant Origins

The first session is an Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop by Plant Origins under Signature Market brands. Signature Market is popular with a healthy organic snacks and they also have brand called Plant Origin where it is specialize in Aromatherapy & Essential Oils. I love essential oil and I used essential oil to bring a great refreshing scent in my room. 

During the workshop we made our own essential oil scent! YESS.. How fun is that right! You can choose any of your favorite scent and mix it to get the scent that suits to your need. Since I normally will used essential oil before bed, thus I choose to create a "Good Night Sleep" recipe which 10 drops of Lavender + 8 drops of Sweet Orange + 2 drops of Vertiver. This blends will help to improve your sleep at night. Just what I need! Hehheee.. 

Check them out!

 Session 2 
Self-Care Session by Minnie Chang Minc.Care

Next session is more relaxing session where it relate to your mind, spirit and self love. MINC Care is founded by Minnie Chang (she also one of my blogger friend) where their aim is to spread self-care as a priority in everyone's life regardless in lifestyle, work, and study setting. During this session we were given some times to reflects and motivate our self to love yourself first before others. 

This is actually pretty good as you can see that everyone has a problem. Everyone encounter with so many struggles in their lives. You're not alone! Every problem have the solution and don't ever give-up with yourself. LOVE YOURSELF!

Check them out!

 Session 3 
Vegan Beauty Mask Workshop by Bavani Gopala Krishnan Naturally Handmade

The last session is more like a Beauty DIY where we can made our own clay mask! YEAYYY! This session were handle by Naturally Handmade an Artisan of fine oils & butters! All of their products a meticulously handcrafted from 100% Natural Ingredients. It is Vegan, No Harsh Chemicals, and No Cruelty. Not only that, their also using Recyclable Packaging for save the environment. Thumbs up!

We were given several type of clay and super-food to choose from and pick what clay that best suits your skin and any super-food we need in our clay mask. So my mixture that day will be a Green Clay + Celendula + Tangerine for detox and brighten up my skin at the same time. Not only that, we also go back with their popular Aloe Vera Salve and Refreshing Spa Salt! WEEEE~

Check them out!

The event went well! YEAYY
I met a new friends in this Beauty Blogging world! It was good to see new faces joining The Butterfly Project as I can see that this community are growing from time to time. 

OH YAAA! Not forgetting a special shout-out to The Spa and Gym, Hilton Kuala Lumpur for sponsoring the workshop venue that day. The place is beautiful, cozy and spacious! OFCOURSE laaa Hotel 5 star kot!! What to expect.. Heheee.. 

Did you know that even tho you're not staying at the Hilton Hotel but you still can be their Gym Membership??? YASSSS! You can..

ANDDDDD..... I have GOOD NEWS for you... 

Now you can register as Gym Membership at Hilton Hotel at special price of RM180.00 nett per month! (NP: RM204.40/nett) This special price is only for my blog reader where you can go to the The Spa & Gym Hilton KL and used promo code "BUTTERFLY" when register!! Simple as that!

1. 2 hours Free Parking
2. Complimentary Inbody composition analysis & daily fitness classes (Yoga, Plyometric, HIIT, Spinning & more)
3. Full swimming pool and thermal facility access
4. Separate male & female changing rooms and showers and lockers
5. Free towel services

Changing Room

Gym Facilities


Outdoor Swimming Pool

Once you registered as The Spa & Gym Hilton KL member, you're entitle to used all the facilities provided at 8th floor such as gym, outdoor free-form swimming pool, indoor Jacuzzi, steam room, shower, bathroom, changing rooms, lockers & vanity table. Feeling like you're staying at 5 stars Hotel already! WEEE~

Till then, xoxo

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