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Maybelline Superstay Foundation | review

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I have this foundation since last year actually and still haven't share my thought about it and I think I'm going to share it today! After Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless, this foundation comeacross the market  and claim to be even better than Fit Me version. I'm excited to give it a try because I'm love the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation so why not give this Maybelline Superstay Foundation a try! Before I bought, Of course I've watch and read reviews for beauty gurus and most of them are satisfied with this foundation. Without hesitation I make my order right away. Ohh yaaa.. this foundation only available online where you have to find trusted seller to purchase it because this foundation haven't touch down in Malaysia yet T_T

*Yeahh.. IDK why Malaysia always late receiving awesome products from Maybelline -_-

This is how the foundation looks like where it comes in a sleek packaging with glass bottle and white lid. Hmmm.... to choose white packaging for a foundation product may not be a little bit risky because you know it's going to get messy but....Never mind, the content is even important . EHEEE..

 I really love the sleek looking of glass bottle of this foundation. Maybelline Superstay Foundation claims to be 24-hour wear for concentrated coverage and a flawless finish that doesn't fade or transfer all day long. WAHHH... It is an oil-free foundation that doesn't clog pores and have dermatologist tested. 

Net weight: 30ml
Made in: USA

I choose mine in code 128 Warm Nude. Hmmm.. Actually I want to get 220 Natural but at that time the code is out of stock from the seller and 128 warm Nude is the closer shade to 220 Natural which is more suitable for fair-medium Malay skin tone. I know that this is pretty risky to buy foundation online but since I don't have much choice, I just pray the shades will match my skin tone well.

SHADES: When the foundation arrived, I saw the shades from the bottle of the foundation I guess this color will match my skin tone well but by the time I apply it I found it a little bit fair for me. Just slightly fair compare to my original skin tone but once I blend it all over the face the shades seem to fit nicely with my skin tone. Sooo, I guess this shades is a PASS for me as the shade blends nicely well. Glad I don't look weird or grey-ish a.k.a kelabu asap. Hahhaaa.. 

The best thing ever in foundation is the PUMP!! 
Maybelline Superstay foundation comes with pumppp.. Yeayyy.. Because you know how struggle it is to deal with Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless that come without the pump where you might get spilled over and getting messy. Glad Maybelline upgraded it and put pump to this foundation.. WEEHEEE~ *thumbs up!

Maybelline Superstay Foundation has saturated color pigments that provide an ultra-transforming effect for a long wearing foundation. The texture is lightweight yet giving you the high coverage effect. The formula glides onto the skin nicely and give you the flawless makeup finish. 

This is the swatch of Maybelline Superstay Foundation in code 128 Warm Nude

TEXTURE: The texture of this foundation is creamy and thick where you know a little goes away long gituu.. It is not liquidity like Fit Me more like a cream texture but lightweight and it blend like a dream. Fuhhh~ At first, I'm afraid that it will look cakey but once you blend and buff it with a brush it blends nicely and even. By the way, I prefer to use brush to blend this foundation compare to beauty sponge. 

This is the comparison BEFORE and AFTER using Maybelline Superstay Foundation in code 128 Warm Nude on me. 

COVERAGE: OH MY! Just look at the picture above. It covers all my flawsssss.. YUMEEHHHH.. I'm only use one pump and it can cover all over my face. It can hide/cover my acne scare, blemishes and dark circle. I'm studded by the coverage level. MERVELOUSS..  Maybelline Superstay Foundation is medium to high coverage foundation 

FINISHING: It has semi-matte finishing where I still set it with powder. The best about this foundation it does not creasing or showing the pores it feels like you have blurring effect when you using it. LAFFF TERUK! It doesn't feel heavy or cakey when I apply it. It looks and feels like a skin but not too dewy and not completely matte either. I've used this foundation without primer yet it stay wonderful as well.

LONGEVITY: It stay pretty well after set it well and the longest I've used this foundation is 12 hours (I'm not PMS that time). I can still see that the foundation still trying their best to stay on my face even I still have to touch up a little bit on the smile line and on the nose area as I;m wearing sunglasses. But please guys, don't wear foundation more than 8 hours, let your skin breath. NGEE..

Overall, I love this foundation! Well, my skin is oily-combination, acne-prone and sensitive type and this foundation works pretty well on me. I'm glad that it doesn't causing breakout to me after long wearing and it stay good enough on me. The best part it does not cakey and feels like skin. Not forgetting that it blends like a dream and does not feel heavy. Minimizes the appearance of flaws and imperfections. 
#PikaApproved !

Price: range between RM65-RM70 depends on the seller
Availability: You can search at shopee or lazada 

I hope you find my review helpful for you.

Ohh yaaa.. along side with that, I also bought Maybelline Superstay Primer. I will share my thoughts about this primer later..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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  1. I setuju ! Fd ni best gila! Thanks for recommending. I pakai warm nude juga. Coverage dia mmg mind blown gila! I lagi suka ni daripada fd kat von d i beli haritu haha.