Sunday, March 17, 2019

Maybelline Superstay Primer | review

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After I browse over to find Maybelline Superstay Foundation, I also notice they have Maybelline Superstay Primer and I bought it as well. This primer claims to be an ultra-smoothing formula where it will instantly evens the appearance of the skin texture to ensure you get smooth base finish. Not only that, it will also help in controls shine to keep makeup look fresh & flawless all day long. Tempting right?! That's why I bought it.. heheee.. *mudah terpengaruh :P

This is how the Superstay primer looks like. Yeahhh.. Another white packaging. Hehehe.. The packaging is actually small and slim. In my mind it might be the same as the foundation but it slimmer. Maybelline Superstay Primer claims to be a perfect starter for you canvas that will extends the life of your base to ensure your makeup look freshly-applied even after long hours. YEAHH, we need this in our primer! Hahhaaa...

Same goes like the Superstay Foundation, Maybelline Superstay Primer claims to stay up to 24 hour where it is the 1st step you need before applying foundation. Too much claim for 24 hours here.. But I can't really try it for 24 hours. NGEE... It also claims that this primer can combat sweat and oil to extend the life of your makeup. WOAHH!

Net weight: 20ml
Made in: France

TEXTURE: It is in liquidity texture and comes in a nude color liquid but once you apply it over the color will blend with the skin color. It doesn't feel thick when apply, more like you're applying thin moisturizer and it will set pretty fast as well. 

My verdict:- 
On my first time trying this primer, I didn't feel or see much different as it feels like I'm wearing moisturizer maybe because of the texture plus the foundation that I used also good so nothing to bother about. Hehehee.. Then I'm using this primer with different foundation with light-medium coverage I can feels that it does make the foundation smooth when application but as it claims 24 hours to ensure the foundation stay maybe not. LOL. Maybe I put high expectation for this primer as I have another favorite when it comes to primer so this primer didn't get to beat my favorite primer. Hehehee.. But it does make your foundation look smooth after application. In term of combat sweat and oil.. hmmm... I'm still sweating as usual (because I'm naturally sweat a lot than normal people do) and for the oil control maybe I can see it, as my skin does not get oily fast as it normally do but by the time goes (after 4-5 hours like that) I can slowly start seeing the oily side. 

Price: RM39
Availability: You can search at shopee or lazada 

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Overall, I still need more time to try this around as to give this primer a chance for me to liking it. Well, don't get me wrong.. I like this primer as it does make the foundation looks smoother after application but it claims too much and my exception is getting higher but I didn't get what it claims and still looking for what it claims.. you know what I mean.. If you ask me, if it necessary to get this primer? Nahhh.. not really.. NGEE.. I hope you find my review helpful for you 

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