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HERMO x BREENA Alluring Diamond & Sweet Macaroon Beauty Sponge | review

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Breena Beauty makes a special collaboration with to come out with the Limited Edition beauty sponges. Breena Beauty is popular with the Blending Pearl sponges and now they take a step ahead to come out with new cute beauty sponges shape. Weeheee~

If you're a collector, this will be a good choice for you to try these cute and soft sponges. They come out with 2 different shape which is Alluring Diamond and Sweet Macaroon shape. It claims that this sponges not only made for cuteness purposes but it also very useful in makeup step application where each shape have their own multifunctional that allows you to give a precise application. Interesting right! Both sponges is latex-free. 

Alluring Diamond Sponge - RM39.90

It is the time for you to shine bright like a diamond! Hehee..
As you can see, you'll get two sponges in this set where big and small diamond shape sponges. This is a multi-faceted sponge that allows you to apply multiple makeup products without mixing colors during application. Thanks to the diamond shape I guess. It will help you to blend and buff your makeup to that dewy glow that you want or maybe matte that’s depends on your preferences. Hehee..

My verdict:-
I have used these sponges for couple of times now and it is indeed soft sponges where it will become even softer when it wet as the size will expand bigger. The huge side on the base of the diamond really helpful for blending foundation on the face and the side is best for baking under the eye area. The small diamond sponge is best to be use under the eye area where it can be used to blend concealer nicely. With the affordable price and you even get two sponges in this set, it is worth to give it a try. The sponges is versatile where you can use it foe liquid, cream and even powder makeup to blend it over.

Sweet Macaroon Sponge - RM24.90

These sponges always remind me on the real macaroon! (Craving for one now! Hahaa..) The shape is soo cute and the color selection which is baby pink and soft purple is definitely best combo-color. When you purchase this, it will come in two macaroon sponges that have rounded edges that make you base makeup application easier. It is claims to be sponges that help to blend and buff your base makeup easier. 

My verdict:-
I have love-and-hate-relationship with these sponges. Heee.. It is best to for buffing out the foundation but it might need some times to works on the under eye area. I don't know why, sometimes it works but sometimes it need times in blending process especially under eye area. Maybe it just me... IDK..  But I have to mention that it works wonder for cream blusher application where it helps to blend cream blusher like a dream! These sponges also best for liquid, cream and powder makeup products.  Same with any other Breena Beauty sponges, this sweet macaroon sponges will expend in size when it is wet and become even softer. 

Overall, I think both sponges have their own specialty and may be different depending on the person who using it. Hehee.. But I admire the softness of these sponges, it is soft and help blending process feels like a dream. Hehehee.. If you're beauty junkie/collector, you might want to grab these cute sponges now. The price is affordable plus the designs are super adorable! But if you ask me which one to grab first, I'll go for the Alluring Diamond because you get 2 different sized sponges (big & small) in one and the shape quite versatile to be used for makeup application. *wink ^_^

This cute beauty sponges exclusively at Breena Beauty and only!

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