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Althea Watercolor Cream Tint | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Watercolor Cream Tint! YEAYYY! Another must have if you're looking for Korean Beauty products is Lip Tint! Lip tint is popular in Korean Beauty Market as they stay like a stain on the lips that make your lips color looks naturally compare to lipstick. Well, everything in Korean Beauty they like a settle natural finish not so dramatic like how western makeup look usually like. Lip tint stains on the lips for long wearing purpose and easy to apply.

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint describe as a pigmented lipstick that come in a form of lip tint and come with long-wearing power of a stain and the moisturizing formula of a gloss. Lip tint normally can be very drying so you need to apply a good lip balm or lip treatment before applying lip tint as the stains can draw attention to chapped lips but Althea Watercolor Cream Tint contains hyaluronic acid and squalene to prevent chapped lips from flaking

It comes in this sleek and cute packaging which is perfect for stashing in your purse for easy touch-up. I have no argument on the packaging. JUST LOVE! Easy to display on my makeup vanity as well. Love the sleek features. 

Net weight: 4.5ml
Made in: Korea

This is how the applicator looks like. A precise, slim tip allows for versatile looks and can be used for sharp defined lines, or a soft, chic gradient

Comes in 4 colors ranging that is #01 Plum Cream, #02 Strawberry Cream, #03 Peach Cream, and #04 Marron Cream from natural to bold. Choose what suit to your mood and style. The color they describe on the box of the packaging and the liquid color is different so don't get confuse with the color printed on the box. 

Key Ingredients:-
Squalene - Conditions and improves suppleness of the lips 
Hyaluronic acid - A humectant that attracts moisture the skin

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint contains a dense of combination of  hyaluronic acid that wraps the lips in a protective moisture barrier this is to prevent dehydration and moisture loss when using it. It is formulated with water and oil of emulsion type that consist of 40% hydrating solution. The texture is creamy and glides easily onto the lips. 

From natural to bold color that melts onto the lips and enveloping a hydrating formula. This watercolor cream tint is a combination of a long-wearing tint and a hydrating gloss. 

Swatches on my hand. 
Right: When apply the tint
Left: When it dries down. 

Here the swatches on my lips. 

#01 Plum Cream: A rich, luxurious plum shade, perfect for a night out
#02 Strawberry Cream: A juicy red reminiscent of freshly bitten strawberries
#03 Peach Cream: A brightening, fresh coral with pink undertones to suit both warm and cool skin tone
#04 Marron Cream: An MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade made from browns and pinks for a chic, everyday look

I used Althea Watercolor Cream Tint on my lips (#01 Plum Cream) as well as on my cheek as blusher (#03 Peach Cream), Check out the tutorial HERE.

My verdict:- 
I'm not really into lip tint as most of lip tint I've tried before kinda drying on my lips except this one. But I think I can include Althea Watercolor Cream Tint as one of not-so-drying lip tint as my lips stay moisturizing after a few hours of wearing it. The color may not be soo opaque but it still has the color to pop-out on the lips. The color stays pretty well and long on my lips especially at the center part of the lips. As for the color selection based on my point of view, I think all color seems roughly the same either it is bold or not. NGEEE.. I wish that they get some orangy or pinkish like that to show some variation in color range. If you ask me, my color picks goes to #01 Plum Cream and follow by #02 Strawberry Cream.

Price: RM20/ each

Overall, Althea Watercolor Cream Tint is one of lip tint that I approved! Hehehee.. The pigmentation may not be as pigmented and opaque as lipstick usually like but as for lip tint category, Althea Watercolor Cream Tint have pretty good color pigmentation. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and glide smoothly onto the lips. Thanks to the strong hydration formulation with 5 layers of hyaluronic acid, it will not causing chapped lips after a long wear. The price also affordable as the lip tint will last quite long if you get it. I hope you find my review helpful for you. Have you decide which color to get?

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