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Belitung Travelogue: [DAY 3] Lengkuas Island, Kelayang Island

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Excuse my pose. Hihiii

We still have more islands to explore at Belitung and we manage to cover Lengkuas Island and Kelayang Island which I'm going to share more details in this entry. If added with Kepayang Island (last entry) we're practically cover 3 island that day. Well, not bad considering the weather and heavy wave situation. *wink 

 Lengkuas Island 

Next island that we able to explore that day is Lengkuas Island! Yeehuuuu~ To be honest, the heavy waves really challenging as the journey from Kepayang Island to Lengkuas Island is really new experience for us. The heavy water keep on splashing on us #airmasin

 We're arrived at Lengkuas Island
You can spotted a lighthouse in here. This is the old lighthouse build by Dutch colonial in 1882 and it is still functioning for marine navigation. How cool is that!

me and my topi pantai of course! 

The lighthouse has 12 floors with window in every floor. You actually can enter the lighthouse and enjoy the view from the top but I missed it because I was to focus at the beach. Hahahaa.. #rugi

The lighthouse really show a different side on this island. This is what makes this island stand out even more. Another island that show spectacular view with white sandy beaches and giant granite rocks and clear turquoise blue sea water. 

You know me. One picture is never enough...

giant granite rocks

Check out the clear turquoise blue sea water. OH MY!

breathtaking view. 

Another thing that I want to highlight at Lengkuas Island is the Kolam Bidadari. Kolam Bidadari is surrounded by the granite rocks the size is not that big just like a small pool with clear water. Kisah dongeng saying that for those who looking for "jodoh" they are encouraged to soak their body in here. Hihihii.. 

If you get the right angle, this spot seem to be good location to take photo. But selfie works fine for me. Hehheee..

the coconut tress and other shady plants really make this island like a dream where it create "the beach" vibes so we can enjoy and relax.

The lush palm trees 

Selfie while enjoying my coconut drink by the beach. 
Thanks to the beautiful background and good lighting make me looks good in the picture. 

Lengkuas Island is definitely a good location for sightseeing where you can witness beautiful scenery that make you mind stay in peace. The famous old light house does make this island special 

Snorkeling Time!

You can snorkeling at Lengkuas Island as it is safe and the coral is beautiful too. I'm not in a mood to snorkeling that time so I go for fish feeding while watching my friend snorkeling. 

Kusyuknyaaa brader ni

The colorful fish

Happy betul brader ni

The equipment will be prepared by the tourist guide so you don't have to worry on that. If you an underwater camera is even better because you can snap a beautiful photo of fish and corals. 

Untung la reti swim dalam laut

The water is moderately calm and shallow so everyone enjoy their swimming and snorkeling time. 

 Kelayang Caves Island 

After snorkeling, we're go to Kelayang Island which mark as the last pit stop for out Island Hopping activity. Kelayang Island is a small island with nice beaches with giant granite rocks scattered around it. 

The giant granite rocks is everywhere!

The main reason why we are here is to explore the cave at this island known as Goa Kelayang

It is around 30m +- estimate around 5-7 minutes to reach the cave from the starting point.

It's time to explore the cave. Before you get here you have to jungle tracking a little bit. This cave used to be a place for bat but now everyone and enter and walk down to the cave. The water level is estimate around 1m +- deep. It is not that deep but expects to be wet while tracking. 

excitement during the tracking 

The stone in the caves form various of color due to nature 

gap between the big rocks.

Great spot for photo


the coconut tress and other shady plants

Crystal clear turquoise color sea.

On the first sight Kelayang Island may looks like any other typical island but not after we discover the hidden cave here. With a little bit a climbing (not that hard) and tracking you'll see the hidden cave with rocks with natural rainbow coloring. Expect to be wet while tracking here. You can find various spot for the best photo moment. I can claim this as a "naked' island as you cannot find any facilities or building here. Mainly about the beach and the cave. 

 Rumah Makan Nelayan Seafood 

After a long day with full water activity the "hunger" come and hunt us. Hahahaa.. That night we're having dinner at Rumah Makan Nelayan Seafood. YEAHHH.. More Seafood! You must be wondering why I'm excited with seafood right?? Because it is the time where you can enjoy fresh seafood. Ada fahaaaaammmm?

Full table with fooooooood!

Muka pelahap! Hahahaa

The food they served is pretty good. If you asking about the price. NAHHH.. you don't have to worry everything is included in the packages by MTN Getaway. They will bring you to try best dishes at Belitung. Don't worry~ makan sampai kenyang :)

Another memorable night, Karaoke time!
*semua orang sakan menyanyi weyhh~ Kalau suara I sedap dah lama dah I grab mic tu nyanyi dengan penuh confident tapi apakan daya. Jadi penyanyi latar pun boleh la.. Hahhaaa..

And that's how the night goes....

While enjoying the karaoke, then I realize that tonight is the last night at Belitung. SOBSSS.. How fast time flies. I haven't got a chance to socialize well with everyone during the trip. Maybe next time. InshaaAllah

That's how my DAY 3 at Belitung goes. Despite the unpredictable weather, Alhamdulillah, everything went safe and smooth. Wait for my DAY 4 Belitung Travelogue after this. 

To be continue...

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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