Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Belitung Travelogue: [DAY 4] Shopping souvenir & visit Danau Koalin

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This entry marked as my last entry for Belitung Travelogue. I must say that most of the activity here was running smoothly. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Thanks to MTN Getaway for making the best trip to Belitung. Weeheee~

This is the 4th day a.k.a the last day of our trip to Belitung. Out flight will depart at noon so we still have some times to touring around Belitung and enjoy the last moment here.

Everyone is ready to check-out!
Thanks to Golden Tulip Essential for the good hospitality. Although we only spend our time during morning and night here (because rest of the day we're busy touring around Belitung. Heheee) the facilities and the room is comfortable for us to stay for 3 night. But on the last 2 night I'm having trouble connecting with their WiFi connection thooo.. I recommend if you can buy their sim-card, then buy. You can easily get access for internet right away. You can ask from MTN Getaway they will provide you the sim-card you have to add RP 75,000 (if I’m not mistaken). 

 Shopping Souvenir 

Yeahh! it's shopping time~
The first stop that day is at KLAPA Souvenir Store. It's time to hunt some goods from Belitung. 

enjoy the tester provided there

the boys choosing their baju batik

I bought this cute fridge magnet untuk di buat kenang-kenangan

Topi pantai beg pantai semua ada

Selection of tote bag made in Belitung

Selection of Kain Batik Belitung

After done with shopping, it's coffee time

But I don't drink coffee so I choose Chocolate Ice. Yumeehhh..

She is coffee lover!

One with Ain Edruce yang gegilaa.. 
Posing macam mana pun helok aihh!

We spend around 40 minutes here for a little shopping time and coffee time. You can find several of goods here where you can pick for your family and friends. The price range is pretty affordable (if converted to MYR consider cheap) and you can ask an advice from them too which item you should get. Hehee..

 Danau Kaolin 

Another attraction place at Belitung that is Danau Koalin!

Before we’re going for lunch, the last stop is at Danau Kaolin! This is one of popular attraction among tourist at Belitung. This is use to be a mining place but not anymore. Now it is looks like lake. 

Check out the turquoise blue clear water. WOAHH!

You cannot enter the lake area as it was fenced all around so you can view from far only. But I noticed at some photo this lake were actually really pretty but I think they want to preserved the area so they only allow tourist to see it from far. 

You get to see how clear and bright the lake is. We arrived there at noon so the weather quite hot at that time; glad I'm wearing my sunnies. You can take pretty much a lot a beautiful photo here but I can’t stand the hot weather so this is all I get. Hahhaaa.. 

Mainly this place is beautiful for photo purpose you can spend around 10 minutes here, just simply drop by and see the lake for yourself. 

We did poco-poco here!
Spot me if you can. Hehehee...

  Hanggar 21 Hotel Restaurant 

It's lunch time!
Before we depart that day, we stop at Hanggar 21 Hotel Restaurant for lunch. This is also included in the packages if you're going to Belitung with MTN Getaway. Like I mention earlier, MTN Getaway will bring to to explore more about Belitung including the food. Hehehee..

Mee Belitung

We're having Mee Belitung for lunch that day. I'm not sure how to describe the taste not like mee rojak nor mee jawa what so ever but it is eatable. Hahahaa.. I manage to finish it as to avoid myself feel hungry while on the plane. The restaurant located near the airport so, this probably the nice place to enjoy your meal before you departure.

I'm kinda miss the moment at Belitung and I wish I can repeat this trip again as I think there is more to explore at Belitung. Thanks to MTN Getaway make my trip to Belitung much more easier and fun! Thanks to everyone on the trip as well. I met new friends and add more friends on my list. Yeayy! Hope they don't forget me either.. To be honest, I haven't get a chance to mingle around with everyone. I'm kinda shy with new people but once I get along I'll be the crazy one (well, you know it by hearing my load laugh. HAHHAAAA).

If you want to explore Belitung, I suggest you to contact MTN Getaway, they will guide you accordingly. The 4D3N Trip to Belitung cost around RM1799.00/pax. They have 3D2N package as well. This package includes:-

1)  Return flight ticket via GARUDA (direct flight)
*include 30kg luggage
*Flight 4 times per week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
2)  Accommodation - Nice and Comfortable Hotel
3) All meals (breakfast + lunch + dinner) - Halal Food
4) Ground package (airport transfer + land transport for city tour + boat for island hopping)
5. moreeee (ask them)

If you have any inquiries you can contact / WhatsApp +65 8531 3381 (Faizun).

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^