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Belitung Travelogue: [DAY 3] Laskar Pelangi Tanjung Tinggi & Kepayang Island

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Jumping into my Belitung Travelogue for DAY 3. Weee~
Roughly we know that for DAY 3 we will go for an island hopping and snorkeling activity while explore more on beauty of nature at Belitung.

While enjoying my breakfast that morning, I saw the news on the television there was an earthquake and tsunami happening at Sulawesi Indonesia. I was shock by the news and pray everything will going smoothly for the trip that day. Since the situation has not been clear our tourist guide take a precaution step by check either Belitung area get the impacted by the disaster or not. Deep down I'm pretty scared but Syukur Alhamdulillah everything is safe.

But we can see that the wave is pretty rough and heavy that day.

 Pantai Laskar Pelangi Tanjung Tinggi 

The first stop is at Pantai Laskar Pelangi, Tanjung Tinggi. This beach is popular because this is also one of the place where Laskar Pelangi the movie shooting location takes place  It has beautiful scenery since we arrived during an unpredictable timing because of the earthquake and tsunami at Sulawesi the wind and the waves are pretty rough and strong that day. I bet on the regular day it will be calmer and relax 

Tanjung Tinggi beach is one of beautiful places to visit at Belitung because of the beautiful beach view and white sandy beach. It also has huge rock and clear water. Of course this place is not suitable for swim as the heavy waves and windy. 

To be able to witness this beautiful view is amazing. 

Much love !

The huge rock I mention before. If you get the right angle you;ll get beautiful photo but I'm not pro on that. Hahhaa.. I simply snap what I feel beautiful on my eyes. NGEE

The emerald blue color

Ignore my messy-looking-face please! Just focus on the view. Hahahaa.. 

Ohhh yeahh! The time we arrived this place a little bit crowded as you can see in the picture. Hahahaa.. Spot me if you can. NGEE..

Overall, every angle is beautiful to take a photo here (unless your photo get photoboom by crowd. Ngee). Love that it has the big rock where you can climb and take a photo with a spectacular sea view. We spend around 30 minutes here so we're practically spend time to take a photo more than enjoying the moment. Hahahaa.. 

 Kepayang Island 

This is the first island that we visited that day that is Kepayang Island. This island is labeled as one of the largest island at Belitung and this normally a pit stop for lunch during island hopping. Like I mention earlier since the weather is not in good condition, we're unable to explore more of the island that day. Since Kepayang Island is one of the not-affected Islands so it is safe for us to visit. 

Kepayang Island has wonderful view with white sand beaches that surrounded with crystal clear sea. 

We're enjoy the beach moment

I really love the view. To sit by the beach  and enjoy the fresh air and sound of the ocean is really relaxing~

Another activity you can do with your family. Hehheee.. So cute!

breathtaking view. 

We're having early lunch here at Kepayang Island. Due to the weather condition we're unable to cover all islands that supposed to be in the schedule so they only bring us to the island that seems in safe condition. That's probably the reason why we're having early lunch that day. 

Having seafood again! YUMEHHH

I don't mind to eat early lunch when I have this crab in front of me. Hahhaaa.. I can taste the freshness of the seafood they served here. I really enjoy my ketam moment. Hahhaaa.. 

Happy tummy indeed!

In here you also can visit Turtle Sanctuary as Kepayang Island is popular with a place for turtle breeding. This is the place where they preserved the turtle and make sure the species not extinct. The officer there will guide and share the story behind this place. 

Look how small they are. 

For a good cause, you can support this sanctuary where you can buy a t-shirt worth of RP 75,000 (RM22) and you can release the baby turtles. 

Releasing the baby turtle 

We hope this will preserved more of turtle so that our younger generation can see and know turtle in future. 

"I'm part of the nature, Save us" - turtle

To be continue...

Till then, xoxo

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  1. cantiknya tempat ni.. warna air laut tu mengundang sangat nak pi kuak kekupu..
    tapi kalo big waves dan angin seram hehe..

    1. memang cantik sangat.. get back to nature gituuu..