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Belitung Travelgoue: [DAY 2] Vihara Dewi Kwan Im Temple, Burung Mandi's Beach & Ahok Village

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Are you ready??? Cause I am! Weee~

On the second day at Belitung, we cover pretty much a lot of attraction places, from beach, historical, and more. We get ready in the morning around 8:00am and get some breakfast to fill up our energy before the journey begins. To be honest, I'm not familiar with Belitung as in my head, I'm going to see more beach and view but there's more than just a beach.

Breakfast at Golden Tulip Essence. 

Our transportation that day. 

Squeeze in people! 

We're ready to explore Belitung~

 Vihara Dewi Kwan Im Temple 

The first place we visit at Belitung is Vihara Kwam Im Temple. This temple located at Burung Mandi Village and it is the BIGGEST & OLDEST Tample in Belitung which is more than 266 years old! 

Statues of Kwan Im Goddess. 

This temple have that majestic appearance as it features two stairs 

This temple located at highland, thus you can see a lot of stairs here. 

Once at the top you can see beautiful views from here and witness a view of Burung Mandi Mountain. 

Touring around the temple area.

Perfect spot to relax

More stairs

Stairways to Vihara Dewi Kwan Im Temple

This is the original temple that portrays red, green and yellow. Mostly red! Colourful and very beautiful place to take a photo. 

This is a beautiful spot for tourist. Travel is not only about the view but it is also good to know their culture, religious stuff and history of the place. For me to be able to arrived at the BIGGEST & OLDEST Temple at Belitung is definitely a PLUS. 

The time we arrive not so many people come for pray, which is good so we do not disturb their praying time. During religious day like Waisak and Imlek probably crowded. I read in one article that this place becomes popular due to its rumor said that their wishes will be granted if they pray here. Anyway, everyone have their own ways of believing. Let's just respect each other's way of believing :)

 Burung Mandi's Beach 

Beautiful view! It is even beautiful to be witness with your own eyes

Since the temple is near to Burung Mandi's Beach, of course we have to go to the beach! Burung Mandi Beach was found by Abdul Gafar, as he witnessed lots of birds gather around the beach as if they taking bath and that how the place named as Burung Mandi. Interesting right! Hahahaa.. Then, this place become an attractive spot for tourist. 

You can see traditional boats around the beach and it's colourful! Perfect place to snap a photo. 

Pardon my no-so-ready-to-pose-face

Coconut drinks

Having coconut drinks by the beach is a plus!

The shady trees definitely compliment the beach view. You can sit at the beach enjoy the moment with your family and friends. We're mainly relaxing at this beach while enjoying the view and get to know with the local people. Swimming are not recommended here as the waves pretty strong.

 Rumah Makan FEGA Seafood 

It's lunch time! This probably the best Rumah Makan ever at Belitung. Hahahaa..
Check out the design of this restaurant. Upon arriving, I'm not really interesting to go around as I'm only thinking about food but once I take my foot step to go around and it was good decision ever. This restaurant has beautiful design of boat shape by the lake. 

Rumah Makan FEGA, Belitung

You can even enjoy your meal at this floating place!

This is what we're having for lunch! Out table full with delicious menu. I don't mind having seafood for lunch! YUMEHHH~

The food is they served at Rumah Makan FEGA is delicious! 

Ohh wait! If you're asking about the price range at Rumah Makan FEGA, Belitung?? Worry not because everything is included in the packages by MTN Getaway. Just Eat while enjoy the view *wink

The mirroring sky
LOVE LOVE LOVE the view, wish I take more picture with different pose and angle. Hahahaaa..

Good place with good food and wonderful view indeed!

You can enjoy the view while waiting for your food to arrived or maybe after you ate. This restaurant is near to the lake you must must must go to the lake and take as much photo as you want! If you're wish to have your dinner here, I heard that it is a good idea as this place is a good spot for sunset and even sunrise in Belitung. Wuuu~ 

 Ahok Village

Here another unexpected place to go at Belitung called as Ahok Village. I know, you must be wondering who is Ahok?? Same goes to me when I arrived there. Hahahaa... 

Ahok or real name is Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is a governor in Indonesia and this place is popular because of him. If you love history this probably one of the place you may want to visit. 

This is traditional house of Belitung. It is have that classic design and made out from wooden. Once you enter the house it is a place where you can get souvenir and Ahok's T'shirt. You can buy the souvenir here to support the locals. 

This is the actual house of the famous governor.

Playing around~

Check out this mini version of Belitung Traditional House

Overall, if you fan of history or Ahok, you can visit here but if you're not, maybe you can skip this. But but but, do visit here and have a sneak peek at least because you need to see the Belitung Traditional House as this house is rarely to find now at Belitung. 

I think that's it for now. I don't want this entry to be lengthy. Hehheee.. I will share more activity we do and places we visit on the next entry. You must read it because it is related to Laskar Pelangi! *hint

To be continue.....

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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