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Belitung Travelogue: [DAY 1]: Arrival Belitung Airport, Dinner and Check-in Golden Tulip Essential

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This is probably the best finale for the year of 2018 for me, I went for a vacation to Belitung Island, Indonesia. WUUHUUU~ If you follow me on instagram you probably already know it. Hehehee.. This trip I went with MTN Getaways as they are Belitung Specialist!! Means everything about Belitung regarding the attraction, sightseeing, food and moreee they know it! 

I'm pretty sure that most of you not familiar with Belitung right?? This place is quite popular as the scenery still preserved in good condition. Belitung located at East of Sumatra Indonesia and some claims that this probably the next Maldives! *WOAHHH! Mestilahh kena pergiiiii

We depart from Changi Airport as the direct flight to Belitung only available form Changi Airport (international). 

Passport + Tickets!
This is my first time flying with Garuda Airline. 

Before we breaking the ice

Done check-in and waiting for boarding

I'm ready to meet you Belitunggg!

Before the plane even start to fly I already fall asleep. MUAHAHHAAA.. The tourist next to me keep on tell a story and I "accidentally" fall asleep. *Sorry uncle.. I is mengantokkk!

Then I wake up because it's meal time. Hahahaa..

They served sandwich, muffin and small waffles for you. Including the mineral water and you also can request one sweet drinks. After meal, I went back to sleep. *Hahahahaa.. HELOK LAA MAKAN TIDO...  It took around 1 hour and half to arrived to Belitung Airport.

Yehuuu~ I wish I took more photo of the airport but I was not in "conscious" mood as I'm a little bit sleepy at that time. Hehehee.. The airport is more likely like Airport Subang as before this they only have domestic flight. This is the first International flight they have directly from Changi Airport. 

 Raja Seafood Restaurant, Belitung 

Upon landed at Belitung, everyone is in hungry mood! Hahahaa.. Our table full with delicious seafood!

 We're really enjoy our dinner and karaoke moment that night. 

 Check-in Golden Tulip Essential 

After dinner, it's time to check in. We stay at Golden Tulip Essential for 3 night during this trip. 
This hotel located at Tanjung Pandan area.

This is our bed! 2 single-bedded 
It is simply decorated rooms with air-conditioned yet the space pretty comfortable for 2-3 pax. Have private balcony as well.

with wood furnishings and flat screen tv's (we're enjoy watching Indonesia drama. Hehehee)

The bathroom & toilet

My roommate for 3 nights!

They have Wi-Fi but it only works on the first night only. SOBSS! On the second and third night, the Wi-Fi not really functioning. Maybe only at our room.. IDK.. Hmmm... 

 coffee or tea? I go for mineral water. Hehehee..

Rise and Shine! 

On the next day, it is the time for us to explore Belitung~

I will share more about the journey to Belitung on the next post but before that, let me share with you the package provided by MTN Getaway to Belitung.

The 4D3N Trip to Belitung cost around RM1799.00/pax. This package includes:-

1)  Return flight ticket via GARUDA (direct flight)
*include 30kg luggage
*Flight 4 times per week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
2)  Accommodation - Nice and Comfortable Hotel
3) All meals (breakfast + lunch + dinner) - Halal Food
4) Ground package (airport transfer + land transport for city tour + boat for island hopping)

Package exclude:
1)  Airport taxes
2)  Insurance
3) Own expenses
4) Tips

If you have any inquiries you can contact / WhatsApp +65 8531 3381 (Faizun).
She will guide you more on the details of the trip to Belitung.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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