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9 types of 3INA Cosmetics Eyeliner

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Any eyeliner hoarder here?
Introducing nine types of eyeliner by 3ina Cosmetics. The moment I received this I was like :why there's soo many eyeliner?" and the one that I'm always use is either the automatic type or the pen type but this time they come with various of eyeliner with different tip and formulation.

3ina Cosmetics finally enter Malaysia Beauty Market this year (if I'm not mistaken) and currently growing well. Beauty junkies out there keep on testing their products and stuff. I'm finally getting myself their eyeliners.

Just in case you're not sure on how to pronounce 3ina, it is called as "Mina" they change the 'M" to "3". Creative right! This brand is from Europe (somewhere in Germany maybe) their aims to provide an easy-to-apply products for their customers to experience a fun in beauty. This brand is the playful and premium products at affordable price.

This is 9 types of  3ina Cosmetics eyeliner! 
I'm just going to briefly show you guys the eyeliners. I diveded into 2 category where the first one comes ina liquid type and second is pencil type. 

 Liquid Type 

This 4 eyeliners comes in a liquid type and all in black colors. As you can see in the picture, the tip and type of each eyeliner quite different. 

1) The Pen Eyeliner (RM66.00)
This is a marker pen style eyeliner that makes defining the lash line simple. This is how normally eyeliner in market looks like. It come in a pen like with felt tip. I claim to be no wobbly edges and no smudging, the quick-dry, satin ink is totally waterproof. To create the perfect flick and taper out the eye line, simply use the nib like a stamp and press flat against the skin. I could say that this is easy during application but remember that this is not a smudge proof eyeliner. The pigmentation is pretty good. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Vegan.

2) The 2 in 1 Pen Eyeliner (RM66.00)
Okay, this one pretty unique! You can see at the tip of the eyeliner. The tip can be switch things up with dual width options for creating different shapes. In term of the application, your might need a little bit practice and get use to the eyeliner tip then you’ll find it interesting. If not, it will turn up into mess! (like my first time using it. Hahahaa). The pigmentation pretty good as it has the same formulation like the pen liner only with different tip. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Vegan

3) The Dot Pen Eyeliner (RM66.00)
OMG! Another unique eyeliner that I found from 3ina Cosmetics. It has dot tip guys!! You can easily do the dot-dot line in prefer shape of dot. Definitely not necessary for daily use but if you’re into creative makeup look this will be a good companion for you. Get creative with a precise round tip for drawing dots, dashes and patterns. Thanks to its rounded tip, you can create very precise dots to add the finishing touch to any look, for example by creating a small dot under the lower lash line. Store it in a vertical position with the tip facing down. Apply across the eyelash line with the tip in a horizontal position for a precise result. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Vegan.

4) The Matte Pen Eyeliner (RM66.00)
This might be the same like the regular pen liner but it has extra skinny tip and matte finish formulation. I can say the pigmentation quite high and the application quite easy thanks to the extra skinny tip. It is claim to be last up to 24 hours wear but I never wear it up to 24 hours so I’m not sure on that. Hehehee. Extra skinny tip matte finish 24 hr wear. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Vegan

 Pencil Type 

5) The Automatic Eye Pencil (RM59.00)
You probably familiar with this type of eyeliner as this type you can easily find on the market where you don’t need sharpener as this automatic eyeliner pencil is ready for action whenever you need it. Run the ultra-precise point along top and bottom eye lines for unrivalled, waterproof definition. Easy for application and highly pigmented. It claims to be a long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner but I’m not done any test on that yet I might need to give it a try again. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Vegan.

6) The Glossy Eye Pencil 400 (RM59.00)
Glossy eyeliner?? Yeahh, not only your lips need gloss but your eye-line need it too! Hehehee. How creative they are creating this glossy type eyeliner. It glides like any other pencil eyeliner will be but it definitely glides smother than other. It is a glide-on pencil that dries to a high-shine finish. The also claim that this eyeliner is long lasting and waterproof. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Vegan

7) The Fluoro Eye Pencil (RM53.00)
I’m pretty confuse with the name but after read it though about this eyeliner it seems interesting. The Fluoro Eye Pencil in black gives striking eye definition, with a smudge-proof formula for precise application. When you get into the sunlight/UV light it will transforms the color to a brilliant blue neon although the original color is black. Easy to apply like any pencil eyeliner and quite pigmented. It is Cruelty-free, Paraben-free but Not Vegan due to the ingredients.

8) The Eye Pencil (RM59.00)
This pencil liner has creamy formula and it is soft eye pencil makes defining the eyes achievable in one clean stroke. It can be blend out into a smokier shape using the built-in smudger. No mess and no need to carry around extra brushes. Niceeee~ the pigmentation is high and easy in application. It is Cruelty-free and Paraben-free

9) The Glitter Eye Pencil 401 (RM59.00)
Who needs glitters??? Put your hand up! Hehehee. This eyeliner allows you to add some sparkle to your day with the super-matte kohl infused with glitter. Never imagine to try any glitter eyeliner before but now you can. Don’t worry, there will be not fall out of glitter as the formulation of this glitter eyeliner pretty good. Easy application like any other pencil eyeliner will be and the pigmentation pretty good. I claim to be a long lasting and waterproof. It is Cruelty-free and Paraben-free.

Here some "art" of eyeliners. hahahaa..

Verdict: -
Eyeliner pretty staple for me! After I get this eyeliner from 3ina Cosmetics, I’m pretty excited to give it a try and high hope of it. I like the idea of variety type of the formulation and the tip of eyeliner but does it really need for any regular girls out there? Hmmm.. I would say not really. But if you’re into doing different type of eyeliner style this might be useful for you. As a regular girl who love makeup, for me I’m only notice I’ll use a few eyeliners the rest maybe depends on what makeup look I’m going to create. Another thing I find troublesome with this eyeliner after I wash my face the eyeliner turns like a panda so you really need to clear your eyeliner properly before you wash your face. (although it claims to be waterproof eyeliners. Ngee..). Other than that, it is pretty good on me. I like the idea of different type of the tip and formulation. Good job 3INA Cosmetics!

you can get #INA Cosmetics on their website and physical stores. 

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