Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Colourpop Precision Brow Colour - Bangin' Brunette | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Have you heard a quotes “Your Eyebrows Introduce You before You Speak”? By this quotes we already knows that eyebrows is important! Even though I'm in this beauty junkies for so many years (almost 8 years) but I still learning on how to draw a good eyebrow as my eyebrow different from regular eyebrow should be as it is uneven eyebrow but what makes me feel weird is that, I can draw other's people eyebrow better than I draw my own brows. Hahahaa.. No jokes!

Anyway, early this year I was introduce to a pomade type of brows color. Before this I always draw my brow using pencil brow because it is much more convenient for me but I give this Brow Colour a try anyway because I want to know and test the different.The pomade brow that I mention is Colourpop Precision Brow Color. This is a pomade/gel type brow products that gets highly good feedback. Some people even claim that this is similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade. Practically like a dupe. 

This is how Colourpop Precision Brow Colour looks like. The packaging comes in a small glass pots with a white lid. This is how pomade type of brow products normally looks like. 

I'm choosing code Bangin' Brunette which refers as a Brunette Brown colour. I know, I'm way far from having a brunette hair colour but this shades seems to be fits me well. Plus, I'm choosing the shades based on the colour they show on the Colourpop Websites. 

Colourpop claims that this Brow Colour is a water resistant and all-day-wear brow colour in a pot. This perfectly sculpted, smudge-proof, budge-proof brows as the formulation of this pomade is everything that your brows need. 

Let's close up a little bit to the pot. I'm glad that this brunette brown colours fits for my brow colour nicely. Fuhh~ . Always remember that to close the jar tightly and do not leave it open for long periods of time or the product will dry out and go wasted!

Shade: Brunette Brown
Net Weight: 3.0g (0.11oz)

Here some application tips from Colorpop:- 
Step 1: Using an angled synthetic brush, apply in short hairlike strokes along the brow line.
Step 2: Define your arches and apply the remainder of product lightly through the front of the brows to create a natural gradient effect.
Step 3: Blend out colour with a spoolie. Make sure clean your brush often to remove dry formula from the bristles. 

Close up to my brow. First of all, I'm sorry for the messy looking brow. Hahahaa. Because I don't shave or trim my brow (it's haram for Muslims) and I only define the right shape for my brow. 

My Verdict:-
For a beginners like me to use the eye brow pomade, I think Colourpop Brow Colour is pretty good! It is easy to use and the pomade texture is soft (not like what I imagine thick and hard texture) and easy to blend. It does help me to achieve good looking brow and surprisingly, with this brow colour, my brow look more even! Hahahaa.. Another thing about this brow colour, you can get a natural looking brow to even a super intense-instagram looking brows. I use angled brush with spoolie (Breena Beauty Brow Brush) to apply this brow pomade. I'm also glad that the colour fits me well so I don't look weird. Fuhh~

If you want to try a pomade brow products, before you spend on expensive one maybe you give Colourpop Precision Brow Colour a try first. The price is $6 (roughly around RM25 +- ). Colourpop Precision Brow Colour is a vegan and cruelty-free that comes in high quality products with affordable price. I hope you find this review helpful.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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