Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I bought this months ago and finally have some time to share my thought about this foundation. It is Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. Catrice is a pretty affordable brand you can get at Watsons. At first, I’m a bit afraid to try because of the price super cheap but I do some research about it and most of them give a good feedback. With no doubt I buy it right away. This foundation claims to be like a second skin which means it offers a high but natural-looking coverage. Sounds good!

This is how the packaging looks like. It comes in a matte glass bottle and pretty heavy. Does feels like a high-end brand. I really like foundation in this type of packaging as it looks luxurious but not travel friendly. Heee..

The content in 1 bottle is 30ml 
This foundation claims to provides a smooth and even complexion with the ultra-liquid texture. This is also a vegan product.

Price: RM38
Availability: Watsons 

I choose shade 04 Warm Beige

Color/Shade: First thing first, if you look at the color/shades selection they don’t have much option. It only come with 4 shades and I have to pick the one in shade 04 (which is the darkest shades in this range) and I’m pretty afraid that the color might not suitable for my skin tone but once I observed it notices that this code is for medium skin tone. This might be a turn down for those with dark skin tone. I’m pretty glad that the shades match my skin tone. Fuhh~. For those with medium skin tone your can get this foundation in code 04 Warm Beige

This foundation come with a droplet applicator. Since the foundation in for ultra-liquidity the droplet might help but to be honest, I'm not fancy over droplet type of applicator because I find it event hard to pump-out the product. Ngeee... I'm still prefer the one with pump or wand applicator. 

Texture: This foundation run watery a little bit and it feel like water when application but it pigmented. Since it has watery type texture, it does feel lightweight and does not cakey. This foundation also doesn’t have any weird scent and to fragrance. But you have to be careful with this foundation because although it is watery like but it dries fast so you need to blend the foundation right away. It can give good coverage to your skin so you don’t need to apply too much.

I'm trying to follow the youtuber to put their foundation using the droplet but failed! Hahahahaa..

This is the result after I apply the denudation. 

Coverage: I’m pretty impressed with the coverage as it can give a good coverage despite the liquidity texture. The coverage is medium but build able to full coverage. But like it mentions earlier, it dries pretty quick so you need to blend the foundation quickly after application.

Finishing/ Longevity: It has matte finishing, even on my oily-combination skin type it dries matte! so I would NOT recommend this for those with dry skin type. When I don’t put a very good primer or preps my skin well, it will give the super matte finishing and it turns cakey and emphasizes lines and pores. I don’t like how the finishing looks like because my skin looks dry and flaky. You need a very good primer or beauty oil before apply this foundation. Other than that, I have no argue about this foundation. If I apply a good primer and beauty oil this foundation give a better finishing. It last around 6-7 hours on me.

Overall, This foundation is for Oily and Oily combination I won’t suggest this to dry skin because this foundation is super matte. I love the fact that this foundation lightweight because I don’t like having a heavy thingy-feels on my face. But you really need to blend the foundation quickly as it dries off matte fast. The coverage of this foundation pretty impressive too but make sure to apply beauty oil and good primer before apply this foundation because it can turn super dry on the skin (even with my oily-combination skin type). I don’t recommend this to dry skin type. For the price and what it does is definitely worth to try. I hope you find my review helpful.

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