Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lombok Travelogue: [DAY 4] Lombok Traditional Cultural - Kerajinan Patuh

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Since we're still have time before our flight check-in, around 2 hours like that, our supir bought us at one village that introduce us to the Lombok Traditional cultural like that. This place wasn't actually on out list but to kill-the-time before out flight. out supir bring us to this "Industi kerajinan Patuh"

You can tell that they selling tradional stuff by seeing at the board. 
This place is where you can experience traditional hand weaving, know more about this Patuh culture. 

we get an opportunity to witness on how they make has weaving and actually tourist are allow to try but we're just not into it plus we have to wait so we proceed to the main reason we're here. Hehehee.. That is to try their traditional cloth and see the unique traditional house.

We get to experience wearing traditional cloth. 

The songket. 

Yeahh~ this is me tryin' to blend with the culture.. NGEEEE~

We're not only get to experience the traditional clothing but also enjoy the traditional house of this Kerajinan Patuh. We manage to take a sneak-peek of the house and snap a photo as our memory. There is no entrace fee to enter this place plus no charges to try their clothing. At first we're kinda affraid that they might charge us but they don't. Plus they were happy to entertain us. But they be more happy if we buy any of their goodies or stuff which we don't buy any. Kekekekee.. 

To be honest, the price at this store quite affordable. You can get songket worth of RM200 only! (price after convert to Ringgit Malaysia). Since we don't have a plan to spend any money or to buy songket that time so we don;t buy any. Hehehee.. But in future, if ada rezeki and come again to Lombok, I'll make sure to grab some of the songket. 

I guess, that's all.. This is the WRAP-UP post for my Lombok Travelogue story. Overall, I find that this trip is awesome and I do sometime miss the moment when I'm at Lombok. If ada rezeki, yes, I'd like to come again. InshaaAllah!
Wait until my next Travelogue story.. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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