Tuesday, February 20, 2018

KULIN SEA Premium Skincare & PURESH UV Protector | review

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I was introduced to a new Premium Skincare from Korea last month. It is a NEW Skincare range that come in Malaysian market that is KULIN SEA. This brand believe that beauty should not be hard work and in this world filled with endless choices. The formulation for this skincare rage were created that work like magic. It is full with natural ingredients that diffuse into the skin and bring inner radiance to the surface. This brand is a HALAL product from Korea and it is 100% made in Korea. Well, you know Korea technology works these days. Everything is soooo advance over there. 

Without any further due, let me intorduce to you the skincare range that offer by KULIN SEA.

KULIN SEA Seven Days Laters Premium Skincare Set
This is their skincare range, It is definitely different from other skincare brand out there. The packaging comes in a cute turquoise color.


A multi-essence that comes in a spray type and suitable for all skin type. It claim to have a special function of natural plant fermented cosmetics through Korea's traditional fermentation method so called as detoxification principle that remove toxic from our body system. It is plant fermentation therapy that focus for wrinkle care, skin elasticity care and whitening care. All the products is 100% made in Korea and free from any harmful chemicals.

This is how the essence looks like. it has light texture that easily absorb on the skin. 

Basically, this essence gives skin's metabolism and vitality, strengthening of level of immunity, detox function to make resilient and clear skin. The ingredient in this essence is patented ginkgo, pomegranate, fig, mulberry plant extracts that will remove skin’s dead cell to maintain healthy skin. No to forget is also have ginseng stem cell. This ginseng stem cell consists of peptide substances strengthens nutrients and moisture.


This Whitening essence is a MAGIC! Why I called this as magic because it can make your skin whitening instantly. It is formulated from the fruits of vitamin tree, hollyhock, aloe vera, a mix of berries rich and snail secretion filtrate. What so special about it is the ingredients also come together  to form a potent concentrate for skin like silk. It claims that this whitening essence can keep your skin moisturizes and restore natural radiance, battles inflammation to heal and smoother the skin for a luminous glow. 

The texture of this essence is lightweight and non-greasy essence.

The combination of powerful natural ingredients helps to diminish pigmentation, healing skin tissues and unifying the complexion to make your skin tone even-up. After application you can feel that you skin will become for smoother and brighter. Apply on clean, dry skin for an instantly beautiful and radiant skin. It is made up from a Korea water drop technology that create natural silky skin. This essence also suitable for all skin type.


this fish collagen powder is totally different from any other skin care brand out there. This can be mix with any essence to boost up the function of every essence. It have collagen that most abundant and tenacious protein in the human body. It can holds the structural integrity of our bodies and responsible for regeneration. This product is 100% made in Korea and suitable for all skin type. 

This is how the fish collagen powder looks like. 
Kulin's collagen powder breaks through in its use of fish collagen which s sustainable source that increased absorption rates. The mixture reverses the ageing effect by improving elasticity and straitening nails and thickening fine hair. You can apply a small amount directly into the skin and gently rub it or you can also mix this in your essence and moisturizer or any other hair care products. 

In this picture I show you how I mix the Waterfull Whitening Essence and Fish Collagen Powder. It can helps to brighten up your skin instantly. 


The star product from KULIN SEA that is Puresh UV Protector with SPF 35PA+++. The word 'Puresh' is actually a combination word from 'pure and fresh' to define the meaning of this UV Protector. Sunscreen is a must to apply every time we go out and we know that our skin going to face a direct sunlight. to choose the best sunscreen is also important as every skin have their own concern and criteria. But Puresh UV Protector claims that their sunscreen suitable for all skin type, suitable for all ages and genders, triple functional sunscreen (sunscreen, whitening, anti-aging).

The texture of this Sun Protector is lightweight and it is infused with minerals as to invisibly soothing and blurring mask on all skin types and tones. The formulation is mildest yet easy to apply and absorb quickly. It has 100% EWG green rated ingredient and Halal GIMDES. I'm in love with this Puresh UV Protector SPF 35PA+++ and I use this everyday. It is easy to apply and make my skin feel smooth and moisturized at the same time. Gently run into sensitive areas of the skin, under the eyes, lips, nose and cheeks for banish redness and peeling.

In this video I share on how to use the products. 
Multi Premium Essence – Spray onto clean, dry face and let dry. Can be used anytime, before or after applying make-up
Waterfull Whitening Essence – Apply gently on clean, dry skin for instantly beautiful and radiant skin, tap a few times for better absorption to deeper skin layer
Fish Collagen Powder – Apply a small amount directly into the skin and rub gently. Additionally, mix the products with any skin care essence
Puresh UV Protector – Place a peas size of the solution into any area of skin surface. Pad the skin surface a few times for a more balance application.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this skincare range. It is totally different from any other skin care that normally come in "4-in-1" or "set of 4" something like that. I can feel the premium vibes to this KULIN SEA Premium Skincare as you all probably know that I have super sensitive skin yet when I apply this products on my skin it does not causing breakouts or irritation feel. Fuhh~ I'm glad. My favorite product goes to the Puresh UV Protector. I use it everyday everytime I'm going out. Anyway, you can give this products a try as it is 100% made in Korea and it is also certified HALAL. For more information about KULIN SEA products you can check on their website http://kulin.asia 

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