Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lombok Travelogue: [DAY 4] Biggest Mosque at Lombok

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After we're done visiting Malimbu Hill, our supir bring us to another atraction at Lombok that is Lombok Islamic Centre Mosque. This is the biggest mosque in Lombok! Lombok is know as center of an Islamic tourism drive in Indonesia because they have the world's biggest Muslim population. 

Lombok becoming the place to visit for Muslim because we believe everything here will be Halal and safe for Muslims. Lombok popular with" Island of 1000 mosques" because you'll see mosque every corner on the road. I also maze with this fact because I can see mosque in every road. But here at Lombok, mostly men are encourage to go to mosque therefore, the facilities is bias to men. But not at large mosque as it is fully equip for men and women. 

Subahannallah, check out the beautiful mosque! 

We pay a visit inside the mousque. we got lucky as we a little bit early because that time almost Azan for Zohor prayer. Because during Azan or prayer perform they won't allow others to go inside the mosque unless you want to perform a prayer. Fuhhh~ glad we made it before Azan Zohor. 

This is like a observatory room 

Can you see the view. Subahannallah!

We're at the top of the mosque. 

With our supir yang sporting. 

Inside the mosque. I love every detail of the mosque design. 

As you can see that the mosque is so beautiful. very big and well maintain too. They even have a lift for us to go at the observatory room and top of the mosque. They have space for ceremony like wedding or any majlis kesyukuran. Another plus is the parking space also big. The mosque absolutely beautiful inside out. For non-muslim you can visit the mosque but I don;t think you can enter the prayer hall. It is necessary to wear appropriate clothing especially for women fully cover with headscarf or they will give you a robe. 

We're buying souvenir 

That's me busy choosing a Lombok traditional kerepek and snacks

The supir bought us at this shop to buy souvenir. To be honest, I'm quite surprise that at Lombok they don't have much souvenir store like nay other place or maybe the supir just bought us at the place he usually go I don't know~. Huhuuu..I'm the last person who settle choosing the souvenir as I;m a bit confusing what my family member will like. Hahahaa.. poor that guy working at the shop as he need to entertain me and lipat all those baju I buka.. Ngeeheee~

Wait for the next update (probably the last update) about My Lombok Travelogue !

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