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Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner - black | review

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The past few month I try a few different eyeliner and one of it catch my eyes that is Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. I've been trying and testing out the eyeliner for couple of month ever since I get this around April like that. I'm still in a mood to adapt with this eyeliner. And today I'd like to share my verdict about this eyeliner. Since Mamonde is one of my favorite brand, I bet this eyeliner will works wonder same as other products as well. Mamonde is a popular brand from Korea and now they are growing well here in Malaysia. 

This is how Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner looks like.
In terms of the packaging, you can see that it comes in a chubby tube not like the common eyeliner packaging looks like, it is more like a mascara tube. If I place it on my vanity table together along with other eyeliner I can recognize it right away because of the packaging shape. For me, I don't find it is a problem for me what I care most is how the eyeliner works on me. Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner have 2 different color you can choose from either black or brown. And in one tube it has 4 ml. 

This is how the felt tip eyeliner looks like. 

the tip is sooo soft and thin that they claim that it is easier for you to draw vivid line at once without lump or breakage. At first, it's kinda hard for me to use because of the felt tip is sooooo thin and soft. I don't know how to adapt to the soft and thin felt tip eyeliner like that. After several times of using this eyeliner now I get use to it. I even mention this on my October Favorites HERE. as I finally get used to this eyeliner and know how it works. Maybe the reason they make it a think and soft tip like that to ensure that you get the sharp and precise line when apply. 

This is some swatches I made using the eyeliner. apparently it is not drying yet when I'm snap the photo that's why it looks a bit"glossy" but once it is dry it will turns matte as what normal eyeliner looks like. As you can see that the color is dark black and I have to agree about the good pigmentation. It may take time to dry but if you leave it for 30 secs should be find. But once it is dry it stay on your eye-line like almost "forever". The staying power of this eyeliner quite impressive! It is water resistant and have strong sustainability. 

Although it have powerful staying it does not mean that you cannot remove it. Hehehe. You still can remove your eyeliner as usual. And the best is when you remove your eyeliner it doesn't have a black smudge and make your eye like "panda". Heee. When I'm using the eyeliner it's do not smudge when I try to rub my eyes, this shows that the staying power for this eyeliner is good. You may need sometimes to get use with the soft and thin tip of the eyeliner (like me. Hee..). Overall, I think this eyeliner does what it claims and I recommend this if you're looking for a good eyeliner that have good staying power.

Price: RM39
Availability: Mamonde Counter

The review is based on my opinion and experience of using it. I share with you how I feel about this eyeliner and I hope you find it helpful.

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