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October Favorites | 2017

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Through out the month if I notice that I used that product a lot I will note-down the product in my note book and to share with you guys why I like it. So here the summary of my October Favorites. This is the month for me that I discover a few new products and I turns out like it. let's see~

Human Nature Detoxifying Mask + Scrub: Just in time for me to get a new face scrub and I found this face scrub + mask by Human Nature. It is a detoxifying scrub + mask that made of from a natural ingredient with no chemical. When I read the description I wasn't hesitate to used it because my skin is quite sensitive and glad that they used natural ingredients. It contains purifying strawberry seeds, bamboo granules and kaolin clay. they also include a skin-renewing multi-fruit extracts to dissolve excess oil, clear pores and gently polish away dead skin cells. I do scurb my face twice or sometime 3 times a week. It depends on my skin condition. Let me know if you like full review of this scrub :)

Human Nature Acne Defense Gel: Another product that I like last month is this acne gel because it contains green tea oil which is a good ingredient to fight pimple that causing bacteria. The best part is the gel absorb pretty quick so that I can apply my sunscreen or moisturizer after that with no worry of mixing the product. I'm actually really looking for a green tea gel that suitable for my pimple-prone skin and I'm happy that this gel do not cause any irritating on me. It works for the small pimples but need some times for the large acne. 

Clinelle WhitenUp Spot Corrector Essence: I used this for couple of month actually but I still didn;t see the result very well yet I still keep on using it and somehow I notice it does help to faded my acne spot but need time for that. Plus is comes in essence texture, so it absorb pretty well. It also have decent scent and the essence does not causing any irritation onto my skin. 

Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence: I'm not that type of person who wear Sunscreen because it is quite hard to find a good sunscreen that suitable for my oily-combination skin but once I tried this Vella Sun Essence I keep on using this on my daily/morning routine. Because I don't find it annoy me yet it somehow set as primer on my skin before I go out to work every morning. For more info about the product, I share it HERE.

Mizon Correct Concealer - #2 Natural Beige: OMG! The moment I tried this concealer I fall in love with it right away ! I'm quite surprise to see the result of this concealer because I find it comparable to some high-end brand concealer. At the first time trying this concealer it need some works to blends it out but I used the Breena Blending pearl to blend the concealer and the result is Da BOOM! Planning on doing full review on this because it just sooooo good. 

A:Concept Water Cheek Blusher - Kiss Me: I used this as my daily blusher as it helps to give a natural finish blush-look on my cheek. It also comes in a form of liquid where you need like a small amount of it and dap-dap onto your cheek. Don't put too much because you might end-up looking like a clown.. Hehhehhh..

Etude House Play Color Eyes - Wine Party: The moment I get my hand on this eyeshadow palette I fall in love with it because of the color selection in this eyeshadow palette. The color selection in this palette is like in my "blood". Especially the deep maroon and gold-ish color. I used this eyeshadow palette quite a lot last month especially when I want to go our for an event or wedding. My Favorite is Soulmate , Wine Burgundy, the Last Leaf, and Marathon. Let me know if you're interested for the full review of this eyeshadow. 

Breena Beauty B212 Basic Eyeshadow: I maybe a little bit late to try this eyeshadow brush but the moment I get this brush it help me to apply my eyeshadow. I love how dense and design is the bristle. It is soft and the best is that the bristle are made from synthetic bristle. But I'm quite impress with the quality of the brushes because not only it is vegan but it also almost the same as the profession makeup brushes. Do check them out~

Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner - Black: Eyeliner~ you can say that I'm the type of person who wear eyeliner everytime I'm going out. What I like about this eyeliner is that I love how black it is. The liquid may need some times to dry but once it is dry it stay on your eye like almost "forever". Another thing I like about this eyeliner, when I want to remove the eyeliner I don't get the panda looking eyes. Wuuhuu~ Wing your liner with no worries..

Breena Velvetcreme Lipstick: I use this two color pretty frequent last month and I really love the texture of the Velvetcreme Lipstick by Breena Beauty. The pigmentation of this liquid lipstick is so good and it is transfer-proof. Even-tho is is dries matte on the lips but it feels comfortable maybe because of the lightweight texture. Breena Beauty also claimed that this liquid lipstick is vegan and cruelty free! What an amazing product. For the month of October I used this two color quite frequent and love it to the max! I will keep on try a different colors soon.
 - Coco late : warm brown 
 - Macaroon: beige pink

That's basically my choice on October. I love exploring and try a good product that available in market but due to my sensitive skin I have limitation of product to choose. If you have any recommendation product that suitable for sensitive skin do share with me.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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