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Lombok Travelogue: [DAY 2] Arrived at Gili Trawangan , Check-in Villa Phy Phy 2 and Ombak Sunset

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Well, I bet everybody know about this "buaian". This is signature at Lombok. But nowadays I can see so many beach have this already. But you still cannot beat the original one. Ngeehee~

This is a continue journey for my Lombok Travelogue. You can read the previous story HERE.

After we've enjoy the nature view of waterfall it is the time for BEACH. When you're on vacation, you'll definately need vitaminSEA !! We choose to stay 2 nights at Gili Trawangan as this is the most popular and well know Gili at Lombok. I know that they have more gilis but Gili Trawangan in our list. Wuuuhuuu~

*Gili = pulau / island

Jeng Jeng!!
We're in the boat heading to Gili Trawangan. We went to Bangsal (macam jeti untuk naik boat tu) and buy a ticket at the counter there. I notice that you need to pay extra Rupiah when you buy the tickets to enter Gili Trawangan as the payment also include fee for entering the island itself. (I think it some kind of tax/cukai kot). 

Even the local people also ride this boat to transport their stuff/food/etc on the same boat So when you're heading to the Gili don't be shocked with this situation. At first I'm kinda laughing because I thought they will transfer food/ stuff like that using another special boat but if I think wisely, yahh it is an essential stuff and the supplies to the island quite limited so you just have bare with this kinda situation on the boat yah. 

 Arrived at Gili Trawangan 

Once we arrive at the Gili Trawangan, we can see the awesome view of the beach. excited!! The boat ride from the Bangsal to Gili Trawangan takes about 30-40 minutes if I'm not mistaken. Roughtly like that. 

Arrive at Gili Trawangan!
Here a funny thing, Since I'm booking the hotel earlier at Malaysia so I'm not quite sure the distance from the beach to our hotel and we need to walk (drag our lugguge and bag) to reach our hotel that day. Hahaa.. I booked Villa Phy Phy 2 at Gili Trawangan. The location is quite far for us where we need to walk about 15-20 minutes to reach the location. Hahahaa. Tak pasal-pasal kena exercise. At first I'm confuse with the Villa Phy Phy which is much nearer but Villa Phy Phy 2 need walk more. I read at the website that the walking distance is about 700 meter from the Gili Trawangan Harbour but somehow why I feel like it is more than that. hahahahaa..

**Thanks to my love who willing to carry my heavy luggage. Hahahaa.. Please stay sweet forever yahh~

 Check-in Villa Phy Phy 2 

Check-in Villa Phy Phy 2
I booked 2 rooms of Twin Room with Pool View for two night. Each room cost us about RP 720,000 for 2 night. Therefore total for two rooms is RP 1,440,000 for 2 night. I booked the room through when I'm at Malaysia and I request to pay at the hotel once we arrive at the villa. I'm glad that there is not hidden or extra charges. I only have to pay based on what I booked

Once we enter the villa we can see the swimming pool. The staff over there a super friendly. They welcome us with a good manner and I easily register my room and settle the payment at the registration counter. 

In this Twin room have two single beds with air conditioning room. Each room in this villa facing swimming pool. The area of this Villa is quite small yet they use each space nicely. And most important that it is clean. In this villa they also provide free WiFi and the WiFi works propeerly. Fuhh~ I'm glad! 

In each room also have bathroom with shower and the bathroom not that small yet comfortable. They also provide towels and you can find a shampoo/body wash in the toilet. The water taste and feel a bit wierd maybe because we're at the island where the natural water supply is limited at the island throfore they used some osmosis water from the sea (I don't know what the process is but that's how I can explain it. Hehehee)

The space in the room quite limited and there's not TV and such stuff but we're okay with that as we don't come here to watch TV but to enjoy the view. I'm okay without TV as long as I have my phone with me and the free WiFi that works properly. Hehehee. Don't you agree with me? Ngeehee~

Since we will spend 2 night here, we definitely need to rent a bicycle as our transportation at Gili Trawangan. If you ask me either it is necessary to rent a bicycle? I will say yes if you wish to view and sightseeing around the Gili Trawangan. We rent the bicycle for 2 days and they only charge us RP 70,000/person ! Maybe because we're their guest :)

 Sunset View at Ombak Sunset 

After we settle with the check-in process and settle down with our stuff/luggage then we get some rest. At the evening, we planning to go witness a beautiful sunset view at the beach. I guess we're lucky because we meet Pak Eddy who also our supir friends' . He help and guide us during our day at Gili Trawangan. Syukur, Alhamdulillah because during our trip we meet so many helpful people. 

I can get over the beautiful beach

Beautiful beach and babes

I love this photo as it show the sunset view with the horse riding in the see! OMG OMG!!

The struggle before we want to snap photo. hahhahahaa

Yup! buaian ni kukuh. Hehehee

Enjoy the view with love

Let's take a selfie

The beach really cozy and pretty! I feel like the vacation I imagine. You can see tourist from various countries in here. As Gili Trawangan is popular among European. For what i can see that the only place that happening/fun is at the beach area, because inside the island is like a village and have some accommodation and hotels. 

 Night Market & Dinner 

It's dinner time and we're hungryyyyy !

I also found my favorite spot for an ice-cream. As you'll probably know that I love ice-cream and this ice-cream nails it! My favorite flavor is chocolate chip and one scoop cost around RP 10,000/1 scoop . I buy this ice-cream every night! Hahahaa..

You can find this Gili Gelato at different places. Just find the logo like in the picture.

It's dinner time !

This is what we eat for dinner on the first night at Gili Trawangan. Thanks to Pak Eddy because he arrange for us a dinner buffet that cost for about RP 65.000/person !! That consider cheap okeh at Gili Trawangan. Normally for dinner it cost more than RP 1.000, 000+++.

Again, syukur Alhadulillah..

Well, when a swimming pool in front of  your room, why not spend some time and swim~
I totally miss this moment. I miss the room and the environment here. 

My Lombok Travelogue will be continue ~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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