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Mon Cheri Pore Refiner & Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Have you heard a brand called Mon Cheri before?? Yeahh, I just discover about this brand a few month ago. It is actually a skincare and makeup brand from France. They claimed that every products were enriched with vitamins and botanical extracts. Uwahh~ interesting right!

So, I give a tried to their best selling products that is Mon Cheri Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner and Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover. So, here my verdict about this products.

 Mon Cheri Lumiere Complesion & Pore Refiner 
Price: RM110.00 

They claimed that Mon Cheri Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner help enhance your complexion and act as an instant pore eraser. It is instantly and seamlessly remove the appearance of large pores on your skin. It also  diffuses fine lines and wrinkles to leave a more uniform skin texture on your face. When I read about the description it catch my attention immediately. Interesting right?! The plant extracts in it will also nourish the skin with its lightening and anti-aging properties.

This is how the product looks like when you squeeze it out.

" The Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner has an original marine active ingredient, the Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract, that helps to protect your skin with its additional anti photo-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties. This marine extract will keep your skin moisturized and prepare it against daily pollution. "

It has the beige nude color that I feels like it almost similar like the Benefit Porefessional primer. 

On the first time I tried this product I actually squeeze too much amount of product then I apply this on my skin I find that my skin a little bit greasy feeling. So, the next attempt I remind myself to put a small amount instead and it cover my pores really well and does not feel too much greasy. It also helps to keep your skin matte looking. I only used this if I need to apply makeup I don't used this as my daily basis. Suitable for oily or combination skin type since it helps to mattifiying your skin. 

Availability: Mon Cheri Beauty Counter and website

 Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover 
Price: RM135.00

My current obsession with cushion foundation and this time I tried the Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover. It claims that this cushion foundation is a weightless and velvety-soft cover for visibly flawless skin. It also has SPF 50PA+++ to protect your skin from direct  UVA/UVB rays. This Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover also will ensure your skin feels comfortably hydrated by emollients, producing a soft, lustrous facade.

It comes in 5 natural skin shades! There's definitely a reason for you to pick one. 
I choose Natural Beige because this is the shades that I always use but I find that Natural Beige for Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover is slightly lighter than the usual Natural Beige code. I suggest you to personally pick the right shade at the beauty counter before you purchase it. It may be vary depends on your skin type. Despite it is a little bit lighter but I cover it again with concealer and right shade powder I'm good to go.

How the product looks like closely. If you notice that the packaging is much more innovative compare to the regular cushion foundation because it has an airtight stopper to ensure the contain in the cushion foundation does not drying out. Cool!

This is how the sponge applicator looks like. 

This is how Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover in Natural Beige looks on me.

Coverage: It is more for light coverage but build able for medium. You may need sometimes to blend this out. I don't know if it just only me or what, I think that Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover works wonder without the primer. just apply itself much better on my skin. If I used the primer I may need some time to blend it out I guess because the primer mattifying your skin *maybe!

Finishing/Longevity: It only stay on my oily combination and easily sweating face for about 3-4 hours, after that I need to touch-up again. It is lightweight and no-sticky feels and some how I feels like it is moisturizing texture. I bet this will works wonder for dry skin even better. It does not cause any irritation feel on my sensitive skin.

Overall I find that this Mon Cheri Petale CC Cushion Cover has a lightweight texture and if you're someone that have not much skin problems and you need a healthy glow looking like skin this might be the right one for you. But if you're like me, not so flawless skin type you may need to used your concealer to cover your blemishes. I'm quite curious about the shade so I advise that you personally test out the right shades that match your skin tone. 

Availability: Mon Cheri Beauty Counter and website 

I hope you find my review helpful for you.

Till then, xoxo

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