Monday, July 31, 2017

Barbie Eyesland Oh My Pearl Contact Lens - Grey | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Tadaaaa~ A package of contact lens! 
Last few weeks I discover about one website called Barbie Eyesland ! They selling contact lens with various type of color and design. What I like about this website is that they a very practical and most of the contact lens they selling is Natural-Eyes-Looking-Like-Contact Lens!! You can choose either for the small or big diameter. During my Uni's time I normally go for slightly big diameter like 15mm but now I prefer small diameter instead. You can choose according to your preferences. 

I've tried their contact lens in Oh My Pear in Grey. This is how the packaging looks like. Its been awhile I'm using contact lens that comes in a bottle type. Hehee. Where the opening part of the bottle quite tricky for me. But I made it anyway. Hehehee.. 

The bottle come with a cute sticker pakcaging but what i find it a little bit tricky because they don't label the code of contact lens so I have to figure it out myself the name of the contact lens. Since I got 3 sooooo.. Let's play some "guessing" game. Hahahaa. 

Design: The design of this contact lens more like a natural design where there's not such pattern on it. Just simple a brown color on the outer ring and follow by the grey color. It is looking naturally grey color rather than too much pattern look on the iris. It is 14mm diameter contact lens by the way. 

This is how the Oh My Pear in Grey looks on me. 

Color: Oh My Pear in Grey is soooo natural looking! You can;t really see the grey color until you're really zoom-in and see my eyes closely. I'm quite surprise with the color where the ring is actually brown to camogluge your natural iris color and follow-up with grey color to make it more relevant grey on your eyes. This color definitely suitable for daily use, 

I'm wearing the Oh My Pearl Contact Lens in Grey from Barbie Eyesland

Comforts/ Longevity: The moment I put this contact lens in my eyes I find that it is sooooooo comfortable! Honestly, it feels like I have nothing on my eyes! Fall in love with this contact lens on the first sight and touch. this contact lens is super soft and even after a long day wearing this contact lens, my eyes still feels comfortable. I can say the longest hour I've ever wore this contact lens for almost 12 hours! After that my eyes starts to feel a little bit drying. Amaze!

Price: RM25/pair
Availability: Barbie Eyesland

Overall, I'm satisfied with this contact lens. Super comfortable even after long day wearing. Plus with the natural looking design and color of this lens suitable for daily use. Thumbs Up! I recommend this if your're looking for a natural looking contact lens that going to stay for a long hours.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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