Friday, August 04, 2017

SEP Jeju Mask Challenge

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Today I want to share with you 4 night challenge of me using the SEP Jeju Mask.  I'm really a fan of this SEP Jeju Mask right now. I love how concentrated the essence are and it has pleasant scent too. Just so you know that this SEP Jeju Mask is from Korea where you probably already know by the "Jeju" title right. SEP Jeju Mask has 4 different types that you can choose according to your face condition. It consist for NOURISHING, SOOTHING, MOISTURIZING, and BRIGHTENING.

The price quite affordable too where it cost RM5.90/piece and you can save more if you buy in the box where it only cost you RM24.90/ 5 piece. You can get SEP Jeju Mask at Watsons Malaysia.

Without any further due, let's see my challenge for 4 nights using SEP Jeju Mask.

 SEP Canola Honey 

I'm using this SEP Canola Honey a night after I've done my facial treatment. You know la how normally your skin will looks like after facial treatment with the extraction process. I find that SEP Canola Honey mask is the right one for my skin condition that night because the main purpose of this masks in NOURISHING. 

Honey is popular ingredients that well-know good for your skin and when I put this SEP Canola Honey mask on my face it feels like I'm putting a real honey! Serious talk! Because with the smell of honey and the essence concentrate feels like one. This NOURISHING mask helps to revive your dull and dehydrated skin. Just what I need! It also providing a healthy glow skin. Wuuuu!

You can read the full ingredients on this SEP Canola Honey Mask HERE

 SEP Cactus Fruit 

On the second night I'm using this SEP Cactus Fruit. To be honest I don't know that Cactus fruits can be so beneficial to the skin and thanks to SEP now I know! It is not only good for your skin it also gives ultra moisturizing effect to ensure your skin revitalizing and hydrating! Woahhhh~

This SEP Cactus Fruit mask suitable for sensitive skin too. Fuhh~ I'm glad because I have quite sensitive skin and this helps especially it is anti-inflammatory and has sterilization effect which good to heals the skin. 

You can read the full ingredients on this SEP Cactus Fruit Mask HERE

 SEP Green Tea 

Everyone know that green tea is a good ingredients for detox because it has anti-bacterial effect and this is what's in the SEP Green Tea mask. This mask purpose is for SOOTHING where it high in concentration of green tea that can comforts irritated skin. This is what I putting on my face for the third night after the facial treatment. 

After the third night you'll notice that your skin start to have scar becasue of the extraction process and that somehow cause my skin a little bit irritated and this SEP Green Tea Mask helps to make my skin looks more healthier and radiant. My skin feel refresh and moisturize after using it. 

You can read the full ingredients on this SEP Green Tea Mask HERE

 SEP Tangerine Mask 

On the 4th night I choooseeeee SEP Tangerine Mask for BRIGHTENING effect! Who doesn't want their skin to looks bright and glow right. This SEP Tangerine Mask rich in Vitamin C than can help to enhance the brightening process and helps to fade the pigmentation and dark spot. 

You know what interesting about this SEP Tangerine Mask is that the tangerine is special from the Jeju Korea! In this mask also contains Daisy which is great for detoxifivation and whitening effect. Overall, this SEP Tangerine Mask is for those who looking for a bright and glowing skin effect. Other than that, it also keep your skin moisturize.

You can read the full ingredients on this SEP Tangerine Mask HERE

Grab your SEP Jeju Mask now!
Which one is your favorite and your skin need the most??

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

p/s: Thank you to Baymax for featuring in this post. Hehehee


  1. I love putting on mask :DDDDDD but i'm so embarassed to do so if I am with my roomates lol

    1. Don't be! Just ask your roomate to wear mask together then. Hehehe..

  2. So many types of Jeju products in the market today! If I were to choose from these wonderful masks, my choice would probably be either Nourishing or Brightening mask. Btw, we are holding a GA at our blog - SGShop shopping credits. Hope you'll join in!

    1. Yeahhh! There's so many in the market.. Sure. I'll join your giveaway very soon!

  3. wow babe. you purposely wear the "tudung" to match with the mask colors hehe <3