Friday, September 16, 2016

Witch's Pouch Selfie Awesome Gel liner review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

During my studies time at University, I used to be that person who cannot live without an eyeliner but now I'm okay with it. Hihihiii.. Eyeliner consider as essential for every girl out there doesn't matter if you are beauty junkie or not. Everyone at least must have one eyeliner right. And today, I have another eyeliner that I'm in love with and would love to share it with you guys. It is Witch's Pouch Selfie Awesome Gel liner. This eyeliner series come with 3 different shades but I only have 2 out of 3 that is Pearl Black and Pearl Brown

Packaging: It come with the box like this. also state the direction of use and so on but in Korean language. Hahaha.. Good luck on reading that :P . Anyway, if you can see that the pencil itself it has double-ended where, consist of the gel liner itself and on the other end is the brush tip and sharpener. Quite cool it think. The packaging state the color of the eyeliner so you don't get confuse to take which color when it is in a bundle of makeup/eyeliner pack. Means that via the packaging itself you can identify this eyeliner easily. 

The eyeliner looks like after been used for several of times. Ihiks.. It is a twist type of eyeliner.

At the other end of this eyeliner also have brush where you can smudge the eyeliner easily. Not only that. It also have sharpener so that it can make the tip become more precise. 

This is how the swatch turns out. As you can see it is pigmented and the color pop-out very well.

> Pearl Black: The color was a true black! with a hint of pearly effect to it but not too obvious. This is just to clarify that the finish is not matte yet in a gel type form. The color appear the same either to hand swatch of eyeline
I'm wearing Pearl Black color

> Pearl Brown: A beautiful brown color with a hint of pearl as well but when you swatch the color on hand it appear more dense compare when you apply it on your eyeline. I don't know why, cause you need around 2-3 time glide the color then it appear beautifully. I guess thats how the color works. 
I'm wearing Pearl Brown color

Pigmentation: Both have the same pigmentation good pigmentation for an eyeliner. You can control the pigmentation either to be strong or else you just use the brush provided as to smooth out the color make it as shadow instead. after you apply the eyeliner, make sure to keep it dry a little then you good to go for mascara and so on. Maybe let it set for about 30 seconds should be enough. 

Texture: Texture is gel type where it is easy to be use and glide well. It is soft to your eye and it creates creamy formula. Makesure you close the cap of the eyeliner very well or the eyeliner will becoming hardened which make it hard for you to use afterwards.  

Longevity: It last quite long. As it claim it will last up to 24 hours but I'm not wearing my eyeliner for 24 hours.. Hahhaaa.. So far I think it can last on my eyelids for about maximum 10 hours. Quite good for an eyeliner. It also waterproof! If you sweating easily (like me) this should be good for you. It won't be smudged easily after you let it dry. If you wish to smudge the eyeliner better make right after you apply it and let it dry. Then, the eyeliner are set!

Price: RM60
Availability: Althea Kr
*sometimes they have promotion with cheaper price!

I hope you like my review. So far I'm loving this eyeliner. Will consider to purchase another nude shade they have soon , since this both works good on me.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Liz ada juga benda ni tapi pearl black je. Tah bila nak pakai.

  2. wow cantik lah on ur in loveee!!

    1. that eyeliner such a helpful.. hihihii...
      Thanks babe!