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THE FACESHOP The Therapy First Serum review

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When time pass and you know that you're no longer young. Huhuhuu.. It is the time for you to show an extra care for you and your skin. This is what THE FACESHOP The Therapy First Serum actually do.

THE FACESHOP The Therapy First Serum is the 1st step anti-aging serum. Where it uses Water Blending Crystal Technology that allow for instant absorption in to the skin as to maximize anti-aging and moisturizing effects. It is not only anti-aging, it also gives the skin supple and glowing at the same time. Interesting right!!

Packaging: I love the packaging! It comes in a clear glass bottle where you can see the crystal clear serum in it. It has pump which make it easier for your application. I'm loving the packaging sooo much because somehow it feels the touch of exclusivity there. Hehehe.. Do you know that other than the products, the packaging of the product also play an important roles. Hihihiii.. 

Why do need this first serum when you already have normal serum?
As we know that, we are staying in a humid country with the air pollution are always the concerns. hence, to have that "extra protection" has become essential for us. The main ingredients in the 1st serum uses the Thalassotheraphy Water, in stead of the normal water and the European therapist's essential oil formula to heighten the anti-aging effect and also to form the protection shield for our skin

This is how the serum looks like.

How to use this serum?
Just simply apply this with 1-2 pumps after you're done cleansing your face and before you apply toner. YES! After cleansing and before toner. This is as to ensure that the anti-aging ingredients could be instantly penetrate into the skin and maximize the absorption of the further treatment. Means that you'll get extra benefits of the ingredient more compare when you apply after toner. I will simply dap-dap the product onto my skin and let it absorb for a minute and continue with my next skin care routine.  If you wish to do on some exfoliation, use The Theraphy Green Tea Cotton Pad for better exfoliation effect

I've tried this product for a few weeks and kinda like it! It might not going to show that anti-aging effect to me since I'm still young :P yet it does keep my skin moisturize and well-hydrated! Once you apply it, it will give you the feeling of goodness to it. 
Fefeling time gituu~ Hihihiii..

This serum suitable for dry-normal skin type. However, I am a combination skin type with a sensitivity, yet this serum works wonders on me. If you have sensitive skin make sure to check either you allergic to any ingredients in this product first then if not, you'll surely safe to use this serum. For me, I just will used this at optimum amount. Don't apply to much, cause might react or something. Just 1 pump should be enough, and dap dap onto your skin. Walaaahhhh~

Benefits: The first to touch my skin with crystal clear shiny anti-aging. So much beneficial for anti-aging and anti-dryness. For those who has this concern this is for you. Not only that, it is also high moisture with exfoliating effect. It can enhance hydration and balancing of your skin. 

Texture: This serum is more like a clear-light liquid. It is non-sticky more like water kinda feels. Yet you can feel the goodness of the product once you apply it. Absorb quickly onto my skin once apply.

Scent/Smell: It has pleasant smell with the aqua feeling to it. Make you more calm while application. 

Ingredients: It use the Fresh Thalassotherapy essential ingredients which has micro crystal particles with the top class blending formula from Europe Therapist's essential oil recipe (Sandalwood/ Avocado / Palmarosa)
                       ***Thalassotherapy: It uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and the marine environment for well-being

Price: RM148.29
Availability: Any THE FACESHOP Store

This The Therapy First Serum  is best used with The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream. It is a blending cream with lighter than "Oil Blending Cream". It is exclusive rich moisture that also created with European beauty therapists' essential oil recipe and essential water of Thalassotherapy. The first care serum as your first step to make ways for deeper penetration to maximize the effect of the therapy care series. 

Start your rejuvenating journey with THE FACESHOP The Therapy Series! 

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