Saturday, September 17, 2016

3CE Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Color review

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Another marathon review. The last time I do a marathon review was back in 2014 HERE. This time I'm back with another one in my lipstick collection for 2016. Wuuhuuu~

3CE is a short name for 3 Concept Eyes. It is a brand from Korea and widely known because of the brand and it is also favorites for all KBeauty. I recently collect their 3CE Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Color. It has 4 shades but I collect 3 of them because all this 3 come in a cute pink packaging and the other one in a normal black packaging.  

This is all 3 shades that I have and all in PINK Packaging. I kinda love the packaging because it is in a Pink and glossy plastics with a funky written on it. The funky written is to identify what shades was the lipstick is. This size of the packaging is a bit bigger compare to any lipstick I had. It come in a rectangular shape and slightly bigger than NARS Audacious Lipstick packaging. Somehow, It fit into my lipstick holder very tight. Huhuhuuu..

Here the swatches for each lipstick. You can see the different of shades I swatch there. 

Let me just give some brief about this lipstick first, it is a  real matte finish texture with a powdery finish provides an oil-free chick look. Means that it is superrr matte not like any other matte lipstick you have. This lipstick also have good pigment where it can define the color nicely. Since it is more matte so it stay long on the lips. 

I will update full review for each lipstick later. Stay tuned to find out more about this lipstick.

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  1. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk tryyy yg 2 ekoq lagi tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu plssss jgn dekot ngn sistor ngensot!!

    1. Gahahaaa.. mana boleh nak.. pinjam boleh.. hihihiii..