Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 2] Floating Market, Hat Yai

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last week was an hectic week for me because I got in-row event. Alhamdulillah. So, I'm here to write a continue story of my Hat Yai Travelogue. You can read the previous entry HERE and the whole story from the beginning HERE. As a recap, I went to Hat Yai on early May 2016, this year. A vacation with Family always the best right. Even-though sometimes you have to go through some "drama" but that's how it is. Hehehee.. As you can see from the title itself, we went to Floating Market, Hat Yai.

This is a MUST-GO place once you arrived Hat Yai. Yahh! Floating Market!!
You can get cheapest price of food here and it is also delicious. 

Best known as Khlong Hae Floating Market because it is located at Khlong Hae in Hat Yai. This place is very well-known where you can easily get access for transportation to go there. You can get van or tuktuk. 

This is the first floating market in the south and is mix of both Muslim and Buddist cultures to recover waterfront community from 50 years ago.

The market is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm till 9 pm.
***If you planning going to HatYai advisable for you to go during weekend because you don't want to miss this experience!

Basically this is the reason why people call this place as Floating Market! 

Varieties of Thai food and snack

Also drinks. My ultimate favorites is Coconuts Water. You can get others types of drink as well. 

As you can see that they open a market in floating motion like this. 

A shout-out to this auntie there. 

There is large number of vendors selling a big variety of local Thai food and snacks.
At floating market the vendors pack their wares onto small boats and jostle with each other for the attention of buyers alongside canals.
We don't want to miss this market shopping obviously.

The food they selling a super-cheap! not only that, it is worth every penny I spend. The food and drinks delicious tooo. The seller also friendly. 

Drinks in a bamboo tube. Me loike!

Drinks in a clay pots
This only cos you 20baht! Which is equal to RM2 +- ! Imagine how this will cost if it's in Malaysia. **The cup/container itself worth RM5 I guess

End up I realise this is their best attraction, FOOD!!
I've read before that this market is like en environmental-friendly where the sellers will avoid using plastics bag, bag or foam of boxes yet they use bamboo tube, coconuts shells and clay pots instead. 

Le Famila~

I think I bought this clay pots of drinks for about 2-3 times. Ahahaaa..
I even brings the clay pot back to Malaysia. Keep it as a memory..

Sister and dad.

Rather than the floating market you can enjoy some open bazaar

Other attractions nearby are Klonghae Temple, an old tempel dating back a few hundred years ago which located a folk museum and DInan Islam Hatyai Central Mosque also known as the Magnificent Mosque are nearby. But we're unable to go there because of time is not 

And, we're safely arrived at our hotel around 7pm like that. Thanks to the kind-service driver. Melayan karenah kitaorang kesana sini.. Hihihii.. The moment we arrived at hotel we prepare ourself foe night time activities. This is basically the last night for us before we're heading back to Malaysia on the next day. 

Since we're all going through a long walk. This is the time for some massage. Jyeahhh.. We spend our time get some massage only me, my dad and my brother. Others are still a mood berjalan-jalan. 

This massage is a foot massage and shoulder. Look at my expression. 

While berjalan-jalan then I saw this!! OMG! This is in my wishlist when I arrived at Hai Yai and I'm excited to try their pancake. 

Hat Yai Banana Egg Nutella Pancake! Nahh gitu panjang namanyaa..
This is one in-wish-list I have to try at Hat Yai. However, The taste end-up just Okay laa. Maybe I put to much high-expectation to it thats why I become a bit disappointed. I don't know either the taste should be like that or I choose the wrong stall.. *wonderingg The stall located near to Lee Garden Plaza Hotel, Hat Yai street. If you know the real stall should I try this pancake, do let me know! 

Finally! This is the end of my second day at Hat Yai! We did so many activities in one day. we enjoyed every single activity we did. Will continue for next update. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


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