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AISHA WONG X MYIDESIA Boutique @Dagang Avenue, Ampang

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Event: Opening Ceremony Myidesia X Aisha Wong Accessories
Date: 26 August 2016
Venue: Dagang Avenue, Taman Dagang

If you know me, I'm obsess with accessories thats why I know about Aisha Wong ever since 2012. I met Aisha during the event HERE. And I got an invitation for the boutique opening I'm excited to come and show my support to her. Plus that day, she collaborate with her friend who own Myidesia, The No.1 Inner Neck seller in Malaysia. Woahhh! What a great and inspiration this 2 ladies here.

 Yati and Aisha for the official events. CONGRATULATION for both !

Aisha Wong is no stranger when it comes to fashion accessories which range from a head-to-toe accessories for today's modern woman. Her accessories become more popular when several local Malaysian celebrities were seen wearing her product line including actresses such as Nora Danish and Emma Ma'embong. Aisha Wong Accessories can be consider as one of the top local pioneers in the fashion business. Founded in 2011, range from fashionable necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooch and headpieces in a much affordable price. This always sets the eyes of the trendy and stylish women in Malaysia. 

Some of my favorite piece from Aisha Wong Accessories collection.

with the model styling in Aisha Wong Accessories. Statement necklace always catch my attention. 

Myidesia is a Muslim premium brand, offers high quality and super comfortable garments for Muslimah while maintaining the style of the contemporary woman in any occasion. From hijab inner also known as inner neck with the uniqueness in design of the Inner Neck. Myidesia known as "Ratu Inner Neck No.1 Malaysia" for selling various type of inner. There many positive feedback from customer and this encourage Myidesia to produce more Muslimah basic's clothing. They also have "Inner Blouse" and "Inner Jubah" inti thr production line which has the same quality as the inner. All products are available in various colour, more than 30 colors. There will be Exclusive Box for every purchase of Myidesia's Inner.

 Getting know why Myidesia sooo special compare to normal inner neck!

If you happen to be at Ampang area, you should stop by at Dagang Avenue and find Myidesia X Aisha Wong Boutique. Or, if you a fan of Myidesia and Aisha Wong you guys should be there and go visit their physical store because  know this 2 boutique are famous online and social media but now they have their own boutique. The price for each items are sooooo affordable! Confirm you'll buy! (like me). The quality for each products is definitely good and the service they will treat you friendly. Follow them on Instagram @Myidesia and @Aishawongaccessories  for the latest update. 

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