Monday, August 22, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 2] Original Version "Sangkaya" at Songkhla City.

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After done with the Elephant Riding, we went to the beach! This located at Songkhla City. After all the activity we did of course we're hungry! What travel if we don't get to eat properly. Teehee.. 

We're having lunch at the Beach area which I believed that this at Songkhla City. Quite famous there. 

This cat must be famous as well because people keep posing there and I don't get the opportunity to snap my picture there because too many people. Good job kitty!

There some local people who spend their time picnic at the beach as well. 

And you can find some street food *But I don't really recommend for muslims to buy. Heee

There also offer for horse ride. My little cousin takut pulak but her mother dah offer kot. *Gedikk!

Here the highlight of this sightseeing. Actually this just an coincidence where my brother saw people selling coconut ice cream and I was soo excited to try it. I can say this probably the original coconut ice cream where you can get and it is wayyyy delicious and cheaper compare to "Sangkaya"

Just look at that! While waiting for they prepared our ice-cream. We're served with coconut water for freeeeeee! Seriously. Original coconut water for free.. People here at Malaysia probably will sell the coconut water but they give us for free. You can drink as much as you want. Or maybe because we bought soo many ice-cream. There some extra treats for us. Thanks to the generous seller tooo

The topping was awesome. Not only that, the ice-cream also taste delicious! 

Look at my muka kembang there! *Are you that excited pika???

My family members also enjoyed this!

If you happen to got around Songkhla City beach, you can find this coconut ice-cream. 
I hope they still there lahh while you reading this and planning to go there. 

**Oppsss sorry brader.. tak nampak macho dah makan lagu tuu.. Ngehehehheee..

Some souvenir you can get at the street market.  

OOTD attempt but there "annabelle" photoboom!

Here I bought some souvenir for some of my friends. First come, first served gituuu

The view.. This is actually on our way to the next place that is Floating market. The very well-know place at Hat Yai. Ohh yah! I just want to mention that if you happen to be here please try their coconut ice-cream okay. Trust me you won't regret it.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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