Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 2] Elephant Riding experience at Chang Puak Camp

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This entry is continue from HERE. You may want to read the story from the beginning HERE. Next activity, after 3D Museum, we went to Elephant Riding. This is my very first experience with elephant riding. Previously just went to Zoo and watch the Elephant from far only. This time I get the opportunity see the elephants closely plus it is a Thailand Elephants! Kob Kun Kaa~

This is the place that provide various kind of activities called as Chang Puak Camp.
Here some list of activities you can do there. 

And a basket full with BANANA to feed the elephants. One basket cost you around 40 baht *if I'm not mistaken. 

Here is our tickets for the Elephant Riding. 
The ticket cost 500 baht/person. and one elephant can be ride for 2-3 person depends on your size. Teehee~

People/tourist feed the elephants with banana.

While waiting for our turn.... 
That time is around 12-1pm like that. Can you imagine how hot that weather that time. Sangat PANAS... Maka cari la tempat berteduh~

Here we go! 
**Afrina, Why so sexy??! Hahahaa

First of all, look at the view. Is basically NON! Hahahaa.. seem like more kemarau/drought.. Adeyhh.. But honestly memang panas and I feel sorry for the elephants and their trainers/riders as well. 

It claims that the rides takes about 30 mins but not really! Less than 20 mins I guess. Just one round. and somehow they at the middle point they will stop and sell some sort of bracelet to us and if you don't buy them they will ask for a tips. For Real??! Why we paid 500 baht for then?? Anyway, I just bagi je that time cause I kesian jugak dekat budak tu.. But I'm not sure if it is legal? hurmmmm..

My dad and brother 

I still have the mix feeling with this elephant riding. It is a new experience for me but at the same time I feel sorry to them. Ahaaa. 

Next time, if I ever come here again I will probably feed them with Banana only. Hahahaa. Overall, there no beautiful view to enjoy while riding this elephant. With the hot weather and long-queue yet we only enjoy ride the elephant for less than 20 minutes not as what they promise.. Fuhh~ This is totally based on my opinion. Unless you insist to try. Or you may try another ride they offer I think. Seriously, you can visit so much different place so just don't spend your time at this place okayyy. TRUST ME! Ihiks.. We miss one place just because we spend so much time waiting here. Anyway, I'm still with the mix feeling, because it is a new experience foe me which I don't know either I enjoy the ride or feel sorry to the elephants. Huhuhuuu..
Wait for the next entry..... To be continue......

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