Sunday, August 07, 2016

Odbo Eyeshadow palette 06 review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This is such a random review. Not random but I know that this product not really in Malaysia's market because I bought this during my travel to Hat Yai. I believed that this is a Thailand brand and I found that couple of Instagram Store selling this Brand. Ohh well, I think you can get it there. (But I forgot what the name of ig) Muehehehe.. Anyway, I still want to share my opinion about this Odbo Eyeshadow Palette. They have several different color but the one that I picked is in a code 06. 

 It come in this beautiful pink packaging with clear plastic to it. 

This is the label of the product. 

The packaging is similar too the MUA Eyeshadow Palette. Exactly the same except for the packagign color. But the size, compact, plastick-feel is the same. Event the wand provided also the same except the odbo is in PINK. Which is cuter!

 You get 12 different colors in this one eye shadow palette.
At the top row, as you can see it is mostly shimmery finish and at the bottom all colors a matte finish. 

This is the swatches of this eyeshadow palette on my hand. Look at that! Such a gorgeous finish!
Since it doesn't have the code for each color so I just swatch them accordingly so you can see which one in the palette.

This is some makeup look I did using this eyeshadow palette. Well, actually there's quite a few more because I just can/t resist to grab this eyeshadow palette. Hehehee. Especially when I'm think of Sweet-kinda makeup look. 

Color: It contains Neutrals color in this palette with a hint of pink to it. Where you can get a beautiful shimmer pink color in this. It also have 2 different light or highlight color which is the shimmer white and the matte cream color. Not to forget you get 1 black color to it. The rest are just different shades of brown and chocolates. Love it!

Scent/Smell: It does not have any scent to it. 

Pigmentation/Texture: Most of the color in this palette are rich in pigment and soft especially the shimmery. For the matte color there's couple of misses powdery and quite sheer but you can blend properly. The colors pop-out beautifully event when you use your makeup brush. 

Overall, I find this eyeshadow is worth to have pluss it is quite cheap I guess. You can get this less then RM40. But sorry hardly to get in here, Malaysia. I hope you like my review. And sorry for reviewing product that quite hard for you to get but if you have your eyes on it. Grab it right away, okay?

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Banyak nya pallet eye shadow pika! liz tgk je nihhhhh

  2. hai... boleh x nk share post ni dekat fb... sebab saya jual eyeshadow ni ... so nk post as a review for the odbo eyeshadow pallete... boleh ?

  3. hai... boleh x saya nak share post nih dekat fb saya... sebagai review Odbo eyeshadow pallete ... saya jual eyeshadow ni... kalau diizinkan..

  4. hai... boleh x nk share post ni dekat fb... sebab saya jual eyeshadow ni ... so nk post as a review for the odbo eyeshadow pallete... boleh ?