Friday, August 05, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 1] Check-in Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Hat Yai story again! Read how we travel to Hat Yai post HERE. Wondering where my family and I stayed during our vacation to Hat Yai. Here is the place called Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. This is a 3-STAR hotel if I'm not mistaken. This Plaza Hotel quite famous there. Here my verdict and review about this hotel personally. 

We check-in at noon and since this hotel attach with shopping mall, You have to take an elivator to 10th floor to go to their lobby. The security were quite tight during that time. Every entrance have security check because of the "suicide booming case" that time. The moment we arrived at the lobby it is quite cozy with beautiful decoration. I don't know if the decoration still there by now or they probably change it. 

What's wrong with this twoo.. Too tired maybe. Hahahaa..

Here our room that time. This room is for my sisters and I. My dad and brother got another room. This is their Superior Suites. It is huge but sad that they only allow for 2 adults but we jump-in for 3. Hahahaa. As you can see, they have some-sort of divider to compact of living room and badroom. The price that time is RM230/night.

The Living room side

Got coffee table as well. Near by the window where you can fefeeling drinks coffee while enjoy the view. 

or watching tv

The Bedroom side

The bed is comfortable enough. Have 4 pillows. I loike,, Cause normally hotel kedekut they only provide 2 pillow for queen size bed. This is a plus. 

The Bathroom & Toilet
*look at me inspection through the bathroom. I like because they have makeup table in there too. Thats probably I spend my time the most. I conquer that area cause my sisters don't do makeup so much like I am. Muehehehee.. 

Coffee or Tea?

What I find a Plus++ here! Normally at any hotel they will charge anything in their minibar but here FREE. Well, I think this only applicable for Superior Suites room.

Apa lagiiii.... Grab nowww.. Why waste?? Ehee

This is the view from our room.

Thats all about their interior but the thing that we have problem with is their Wi-fi connection. It cannot connect in the room!! Nangesss.... Wi-fi is important during travel but this might be the contrast of this hotel. i even call the reception and she answer that yah Wi-fi cannot use. Like that only. End-up I need to go to lobby for a better connection. Why have a room if I need to stayed at the lobby.?? SOBSS. But that Wi-fi problems only at our floor which is 21 if I'm not mistaken but my dad's room can connect with Wi-fi. Maybe they have some problems that time. I don't know. Urhhh..

Another thing I want to highlight is that they also don't have IRON!! Hahahaa.. My very first experience going for travel baju and tudung satu pun tak iron.. Adeyhhhh.. Next time I better iron all my cloths first! 

Overall, The room is large and clean. This hotel quite strategic place where it is near the city center and near-by the shopping lots as well. The service was okay can be improved for a better served. 

At the evening we have some fun activity which is shoppinggggg Hahahaa.. and will share with you on my next entry.

To be continue.......

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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