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Hat Yai Travelogue: Travel by BUS from TBS to Hat Yai Experience

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that on May 2016 I spend some vacation time with my family to Hat Yai..... So, here come the story of my journey.. I hope it is not too late for this~

Depart from TBS on 29th April 2016 at 11:30 p.m.  Unfortunately, That was a peek-time guys. Our bus end-up arrived late due to massive traffic jammed and we roughly depart at 12 a.m like that. Why I say peek-time?? Because that time was a Public Holiday for Labor Day. Served your right. Imagine the highway lahh... It takes about approximately about 12 hours of travels to reach the Thailand Border. FUHHH~ Keremmm Pungkung ceq! The ticket bus were bought by my sister via online. She booked the bus ticket for 9 pax and my Pak Su last minute cannot join because he a little sick but still the seat have been booked so we eventually have 1 extra seat. The price for the ticket form TBS-Hat Yai RM80/person.

Please bring all this necessary stuff I mention below:-
Sweater - or you going to be frozen in the bus
Small Pillo -  bring the easiest one, Mine are just to much but this is what I have
Shades/Sunglasess - to protect your eye from direct light and cover during sleep time. Teehee
Kain Batik/ Pelekat - cause it is sooooo COLD! Hahahaa *jadikan selimut
Power Banj - untuk cas phone la kan apa lagi *makesure full (12 hours journey!)
Drinks/Snack - you never know!

Serious guys, prepare this stuff, jangan perasan korang tu kebal ke hape ke... Pleaseeee..
Some of the stuff I didn't bring and regret it! plus my sweater are just to thin. Nak jimat space punya pasal.. Nahhh...

Don't forget you Passport guys. And you'll have this form to filled-in and just as a secret safety tips, Selitkan RM1 dalam passport korang taw. It is as a tips for the Thai immigration and for ease the process of skimming our passport. This is how it works here. So, I just go with the flow. (OMG. I don't know if its okay for me to tell this secret publicly???. Hopefully okay laa.. Hahhahaa)

 And, we arrived at the Border of Thailand. Eventually, if at Malaysia at Padang Besar. So, Are you excited????

Ohh wait! Look at the queue!!!! OHH EMM GEEE! SO LONGGGGG..

This is what happen if you going to Thailand during a peek-season! THIS ISSSS!!!.. You have to wait for the long queue as to get passed from the immigration check. It takes about 1 hours and half for us to settle this. Seriously guys. SUCH A WASTE OF TIME! This is the worst experience I had as to deal with this process but glad the vacation went well. Anyway.. REDHAAA.. Just as a tips. if you happen to travel by bus to go to Thailand or Krabi or else please don't pick the peek-season or else book you flight!! OKEH.. This is a lesson for us. Its okay, at least we experience something but not a really good one lahh.. Lalalalaa~

That's how I'm feeling that time! With those fever and hot weather plusss the huge crowd! Nasib I tak pengsan that time. Dengan Asap-asap lori/bus lagi.. Perghhh..  Actually, the original plan was to take ETS Train but we're a bit late the tickets were sold out the the flight also fully booked. Like whatt??? Everyone pun going to Hat Yai kaaaa.. *tangah di bahu mata ke atas

And we finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is how the operation place works at Hat Yai for Inter Top Bus. That red and yellow is the bus and that's my dad in the picture. Hahahahaa.. "Hai, Ayah! nak g maneee tueeee"

Right after we arrived there we're like totally HUNGRYYYYYY! Seriously! Laparrrrrr weyh!
This is where the stop happen to be for us having our lunch that time. The meals was okay2 laaa.. Pricey a bit tapi dah lapar bedal je laaa.. The night before depart I don't even have a proper meals because I was too sick due to fever, Naj jadi kan cerita drama boleh pulak demam that time. But still that spirit for Holiday still have. So, as an advice for you guys out there. Please eat before you going for travel. Don't eat too much lahh, Just nice as to cover your desire for too Hungry during the travel hours especially on a long journey. This restaurant is next to the Inter Top station. And yahh! We arrived at Hat Yai at NOON!! Total travel hours about 14 hours???? My dad said, "boleh sampai London!" Hahahaa..

overall, this is our experience travel by bus to Hat Yai. Challenging kan??!! Hahahaa.. After done with our lunch, we take Tuk-Tuk and check-in to our Hotel. Where are we staying?? What activities we did?? Wait for the next entry.....

To be continue..........

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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