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May Favorites | 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I know I miss my April Favorites because I was too busy that time and end up forgot to share my April favorites anyway glad that I'm still in right mind to share with you my May Favs! Yeahhh.. Basically for the past month I really enjoy try new products. Still fight for a clear skin but I find that my skin slowly in healing process, Alhamdulillah but still not as flawless as yours but I syukur for that. With our further due, let's begins my favorites in a month of May 2016.

I selected some product that I used frequent in the past month and I find that I will used it. Not all products a new, some is just I have tried it before but now I try it again and find it so "helpful" for me. 

Avene Thermal Water Spray: It is been awhile since I've urcase any Thermal Spring Water Spray and last month, I finally decide to restock this and I purchase in a set on 2 bottle large with medium size as well. I use it most of the time. I bring this along to my workplace just to ensure my skin kee smooth and soothing. I'm glad that I restock this becasue this spray is also good for adter makeup mist.

Vaseline Lotion: Just some from my previous collection. I used it again since it still have a lot of contain in it. I used this as my before bed lotion. I have slightly dry skin especially on my foot but I read somewhere that foot have their own lotion well, I will looking for that later but for now I just usd this lotion as for my hand and foot parts or any dryness on my body's parts. 

Indeed Lab Vitamin C24: I got this as for campaign The Battle Against The Environment Pollution and I try this product as for my morning routine end-up I like it! At first I slightly doubt in trying this but it happen to be a good as I can serum for my skin because it helps in control my oily skin, Well, I cannot give more elaborate about this because I'm still in trying process but as far by I like it.

Garnier Peel-off Mask: I used this masks ever since I was in high school okehh and I'm still loving this. Actually every month I will restock this because I like to used this mask whenever I feel like my skin getting to 'harsh' or like uneven tone this mask is like helping it to gloe and soothing all the problem. If you're looking for a like more vitamin c masker you might wanna try this. The price is also affordable to grab. 

Sivanna Colors Bronzed Professional code 02: Have you heard about this brand before? Well, it is from Thailand where I purchase this during my Hat Yai Travel with my family. I was so happy to grab this because the texture is soo good and as you can see this like perfect for travel purpose. I like the bronzing parts as well as the highlights but the blusher parts does not pull of as much pink as I desired. Overall, I just like this because it is really pratically for travel purpose since on May I go for vacation a few times this really help to complete my daily look. I purchase more actually from Hat Yai. Should I make a Haul for it??? 

NYX Soft Matte Lip in Ibiza: Hello, I grab this again. Ahaaaa.. I've done with the full review on this HERE. Now I start to grab this a few times and loving the colors again. Well, I have soo many lipstick to try out and this come across last month. Just another love. 

Colorpop Super Shcok Shadow in Game Face: I know I never talk about this. Yeahh, i made purchase for this colorpop super shock eyeshadow I buy 2 of it actually and one of the color is Game Face. At first trial I swatch using my finger and the color came out very beautiful but by the time I used by eyeshadow brush nothing works and I feel slightly down about this product that is the reason why I seldom talk about this. But last month I try another attempt to use this eyeshadow and this time I used my finger instead to apply it on my lid surprisingly the color was beautiful! Love this color so much. i normally will apply this color by itself. Later I will experiment more makeup look using this eyeshadow. 

Eyebrow Pencil from Thailand: Another makeup product that I purchase during my Hat Yai Travel. Just a simple eyebrow pencil. I grab it because I find that the eyebrows works fabulous even it is quite cheap. The color is accordingly the same as the color that I normally use for my eyebrow. With no hesitation I grab this right away and currently using for my daily brown pencil.

Miss Hanna Gel Liner in Brown: After diggin' all the eyeliner collection I have and finally found this! I used this again girl. Always love how this eyeliner works and still works the same even after a long time I rarely grab it. Can read the full review about this eyeliner HERE

Wrap up my May Favorites products!
Welcome JUNE! In a month of June is a fasting month for all Muslims all around the world. Happy Fasting guys. Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Stay safe and keep hydrated okeh. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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