Sunday, June 05, 2016

Foodies: Ramadhan Special 2016 at Me'nate Steak Hub

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Well, if I mention Me'nate surely so many people will know about this famous steak Hub located at several places in KL. I know about Me'nate but haven't try any of their manu yet because my dad promise that he'll take me there and buy me some of their special menu but since he so busy so am I we haven't try yet until I got an invitation to enjoy their Ramadhan Special. I was directly say "YES"! 

On 30 May 2016, I rush after work and take LRT from Kerinchi to Wangsa Maju and the partner in crime that time is Mira Cikcik. At Wangsa Maju, Kak Ayue Idris pick us up and vrommmm to Me'nate Setapak. Thanks for the ride sis! Well, the parking quite easy after office hour I'm not sure on weekend, Hehee..

 Which part do you prefer?

They have selection of fresh beef/lamb/salmon and more where you can choose on your own.

Since Ramadhan is around the corner, Me'nate introduce several Ramadhan Special Menu where you can enjoy your iftar with your family and friends as much as you want.

Ramadhan Special Menu as below:-

1. Heavenly Beef
>> Short Ribs (4-6 pax)
Nasi Me'nate and Beef Short Ribs
Price: RM300

>> Wagyu Spare Ribs (4-6 pax)
Nasi Me'nate and Wagyu Spare Ribs
Price: RM400

2. Heavenly Lamb
>> Lamb Shank (4-6 pax)
Nasi Me'nate and Lamb Shank
Price: RM350

>> Lamb Shoulder (4-6 pax)
Nasi Me'nate and Lamb SHoulder
Price: RM350

3. Chicken
>> Grill Chicken (4-6 pax)
Nasi Me'nate and Chicken

4. Group Steak
>> Choice of Beef or lamb steak and Grill Chicken (min 4 pax)
Additional: Nasi Me'nate or Agkio E Olio, Salad, Coleslow, Mashed Potato, Sos
Price: RM80

FREE Menu only on Ramadhan
> Bubur Lambuk Menate
> Fruits
> Kurma / Dates

Overall, I'm totally enjoy with the food served by Me'nate Steak Hub. Kenyang Alhamdulillah. Me'nate rice was super delicious and yummy. Just by eating the rice itself you'll satisfied with the taste. The Lamb and beef is so juicy and yummy for the tummy. I don't try the chicken because I'm full with the lamb and beef but my friend eat the chicken and they say it is good as well. The meat are soft and easy for you to chew. As for drinks you can refill how many time you like totally up to you. Well, for Ramadhan special, You'll get bubur lambok, fruits and more for freeeeee.. If you're looking for something nice for your iftar this year. You might wanna try Me'nate Steak Hub! Confirm you'll be satisfied with it. Especially for those who love steak or western food.

Go visit to your nearest branch Me'nate 
Setapak: Starpac Point, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota Off Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumour
Ampang Branch: No 16, Jalan Kerja Air Lama Satu, Taman Shuet Liang, Ampang Jaya, Selangor
Bangi Branch: No 25, Jalan Medan Pusat 2d Curve Business Park, Seksyen 9 43650 Bdr Baru Bangi, Selangor

Hotline Ramdhan: 019-3911047, 019-4771047, 019-2611047

Place your booking now!

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  1. Wow suka makan kat Me'nate ni kan nanti datang lagi lah hehehehe..