Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Beauty: Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner


Hello everyone !

I heard that Miss Hana eyeliner is quite tranding now..Maybe I'm the last person who doing review about this or what?? hewhewheww.. I can see a lot of beauty bloggers doing a review about this eyeliner. Finally, I get my hands on this eyeliner. Woohoo!! Once the parcel arrived I'm so excited to open the box. 

Thank you to Natta Cosme. I got this Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner and in the packaging come along with Miss Hana Professional Sharpener. Which I need this booth perfectly for each other. Yahhh, Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner is a pencil type which you need a sharpener to sharpen you pencil eyeliner.

This is how the packaging looks like. It come with cute design and pink color packaging. 
The packaging is quite good because it has a big space and stuck cover in it where you can ensure that your eyeliner will arrived in a good condition with damages.

Miss Hana consite of 4 different shade/code of eyeliner. 
01 Night Black
02 Galacy Black
03 Choco Brown
04 Golden Brown

Product details:
Name: Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner
Net weight: 1.5g

This is how the pencil packaging for Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. Cute pink design.

As for the packaging view, It definately cute and pretty because it have cute design with pick based color. but It dose not have any label/code on the eyepencil that kinda annoy me a little bit plus the back color is almost the same if you see as random, unless you see it close up you can tell what color of the eyeliner. I have to label it myself I guess..hewhewheww..but that is not a big problem right. what impostant that how fucntional could this eyeliner works..ehurmmm??

01 Night Black: Matt black type with bold color
02 Galacy Black: It is in bold black with a blac of a small sparkle
03 Choco Brown: Matt brown type with bold amount of color
04 Golden Brown: it is in brown with small sparkle

* As for the sparkle, it not really show the sparkle look when you apply, It will appear like a slight sparkle onto your eyeline and the sparkle does not fall off or anything. It will sat perfectly like that. I'm still using all.. because I want to try it myself and I'm also comfortable to use the Golden Brown as for daily use because it will give a little enhance to my eyeline. 

As you can see, The first color that I try was Choco Brown..

My all time favorite goes to 03 Choco Brown! I love this color because it is suitable for daily used for natural look and enhance your eye even more. As for the black I used it for any dramatic look as for going out or for any events maybe. Both black were amazingly suitable for dramatic and bold look! The Galaxy black have slight shimmer in it but not to obvious until people can see your eyeliner shinning lahh.. It is just nice and sparkle I can say. As for the Golden Brown it is wowww! 

I experiment the eyeliner myself.
As you can see, this eyeliner is a waterproof. As for the smudge, still can be consider as a smudgeproof because at the picture provide the smudge appear after a very hard and harsh rub.

As for my personal opinion, I'm totally love this eyeliner. Honesly because this eyeliner has an amazing formula that can make you eyeliner last longer than your expectation. The color for this eyeliner was superb bold. Once you glides this eyeliner onto your eyeline it will appear directly not like other eyeliner which you have to apply for double time to make it more thicker and bold look. Since, the tip of this pencil eyeliner quite big it is kinda hard for me to make a winged eyeline. This kinda annoy me a little bit but you can adjust the wing part using your angle brush, So, I'm still cool with it and I finally used my angle brush..kekekekee..Thanks to this eyeliner. As for the texture, it is soft that you don't feel irritating or hurt by the stroke of eyeliner. toally like a gel run through your skin, soft and smooth. The formulation of this eyeliner is gel type but on pencil form is great. normally we can see the gel eyeliner is in a jar form or any container form but this is great. This eyeliner were formulated for a long time used and anti-sweat or tears. this make you even more attractive when you cry this eyeliner won't come out eaily unless you rub harshly with you finger. As a proof picture I provide myself and experiment this myself I was surprise by the result itself because you can see the it is totally waterproof and it will on smudge when I rub it euper hard until my hand turn red then ir will smudge. wowww..This eyeliner does it job well. rather than that, it is also easy to be remove by using a makeup remover, gently rub those eyeline area an it will come off as clean as it..does not leave any bad residue where you will be appear like panda or what so ever..hehehee..


Where to buy:

I apply Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Night Black. 
*Sorry for the low quality of picture because the picture were taken using my ASUS Phone front camera 

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. the galaxy black is nice!! :O
    i wanted to buy but i remembered that i'm sucks using pencil eyeliner T^T

    1. bad dear.. but you can practice, don't worry :)
      I do have the same problem at the first trial but once I've try it..I thin I'm doing well with it..hehehee..I think :)

  2. Galaxy Black and Golden Brown is so nice!!

  3. Pikaaa, Golden Brown tu macam lawa la warna dia. Nak try la cemni. Hehe

    1. yes lawa lawa!!
      gold sparkle very nice yet not to sparkle just nice and enhance your makeup look..
      try la fana..
      btw, rindu fanaa!!

  4. hehe suke tgk pika senyum... comel je... kdg2 dtg blog pika sbb nak tgk pic je sbb comel sgt! pastu sambil2 tu bce lah review2 pika... cenggitewww hahaha