Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beauty: 3D Beauty Blending sponge


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I was asked what is the best tools to use for foundation application. Honestly, It is depending on you skin types and technique. Sometimes if you have technique and skills you can apply your foundation using only your fingers but you must ensure that your hand and finger are clean and washed. If you ask me, I probably think that using sponge is the best applicator for foundation application. I've experiment myself using both tools foundation brush and sponge, both are good but I think sponge is much better compare to foundation brush because normally when you apply your foundation using foundation brush it will show a slight "line" and end up I will dapp dapp it back with sponge. This is totally my opinion but you can try it yourself.

I want to share one of sponge that can help you to apply your based/ foundation. This sponge can be classify as a dupe for the Beauty Blender which is so expensive compare to this 3D Beauty Blender. This 3D Beauty Blender sponge only cost you a little but give the same function as the Beauty Blender sponge. But of course the Beauty Blender sponge is a little bit quality and have some different in certain effect. I got this 3D Beauty Blending sponge from Supermodel2u.

This is how the 3D Beauty Blender sponge looks like I got mine in a cute soft pink color.
First what I like about this sponge it is because of the unique design and color of course !!
Appearance/design of certain product does influence me to have it sometimes. 

This 3D Blending sponge is in a "teardrop" design. The special about this sponge is because of the shape and design.The shape of this sponge is ideal for all makeup base application. This sponge were make from a hydrophilic environmental protection material. Which is safe to be used. It is soft on skin. 3D Beauty Blending sponge is made by the newest fashion technology that used by many professional and makeup artist. 

This is how the sponge looks like in dry condition. It can be classify as a very durable and high quality sponge I guess. It is washable, re-useable with proper care, recycleable. Can use by damp or dry but for more beauty effect you can try to damp the sponge in water and apply your makeup base. I will also help to save the usage of your make up where it not really absorb a lot of the product. 3D Beauty Blending sponge is a very useful for make base application. You can use a patting and twisting action to apply your foundation for a smooth and perfect finish. It will gives a flawless foundation application every single time. You can apply your foundation evenly to the whole face areas with too much or too little coverage. It also can last and use for a long time period but depending on how you use this sponge as well. The design make it easier for application where the bottom part of the puff can be used on the check and forehead, the top of the puff suitable for your under eye, eyelid or any conner like your nose area. It functional to apply your foundation, bb cream. suitable for liquid or cream type as well. It will help you to have a flawless and smooth finish to your foundation or bb cream application.You can see that this 3D Beauty Blending sponge were recommended by many popular make up gurus despite to the Original Beauty Blender. While you collect your money to buy the real Beauty Blender sponge you can buy this 3D Beauty Blender first. 


Where you can get this product:-
Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store
Instagram: @supermodels_secrets
Store: SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya

You can visit their website for more beauty product from up to toe.
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