Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Mentholatum Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalms review

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 For those who looking for something natural looking like and don't like wearing lipstick you can try Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm from Mentholatum. Created to help achieve rosy pink lips with just one swipe of the lip balm but more swipe for more intense in color. It works to nourish and smoothen your lips. I find that this lip balm have a little shimmer in it and I don't feel "heavy" lips. Does not sticky as well. I hate sticky lipbalm but this works okay.

 I find that the packaging on the unopened pack much better. But when I open it, it just in a long cylinder like normal lipstick will looks like but a little bit taller and slimmer. I wish they make the heart shape to the actual packaging. Hahhaa..

The Dancing Pink is more like barbie pink color and Rock n Pink more like rose pink color.

This lipbalm contain brown sugar as natural humectant that seals in moisture and keeps lips feel hydrated. Enriched with effective moisturizing ingredients such as Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and MaxiLip to provide long-lasting moisture and ensuring soft and supple lips all through the day. Just one glide is all you need for a youthful and supple look. Pink lips are an attractive facial which enhances natural beauty and warm up one's facial complexion. A natural pink that you can wear anytime of the day, it is the perfect lip enhancer for days you wish for soft, pink lips. They come in 4 different shades of pink; 01 Vintage Pink, 02 Dancing Pink, 03 Kissy Pink, 04 Ronk n Pink

Price: RM15.80 (3g)
Available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets starting this February 2016

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