Thursday, March 10, 2016

MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

My MAC Lipstick review are back! If you happen to read my previous entry HERE you'll probably know that I've owned this for quite sometime. As I remember I purchase this during month of Ramadhan last year (2015). And It is the time for me to share with you on my opinion and review about this MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick. 

Swatch for MAC Reel Sexy 

This Lipstick on me. Aummm.. Hehee.. *pardon my not-so-flawless skin there

My Review:-
Now I acknowledge why has term of 'sexy' in it. Hehehee.. I really like the moment I apply this lipstick on my lip. It is kinda give a fuller-lips look. Sexier feel like the name of this lipstick as well. It consider as Bright Coral. More to pink coral with nude for me. Another Amplified finish I owned from MAC! Love Love! I tend to collect more MAC Amplified this year. Hihihii.. Maybe because of the color and the formulation. The color is like peachy-coral that make it hard to last longer on my lips compare to other colors and it forms a lines/streaky at time on my lips if my don't scrub my lips before wear this lipstick. So, everytime I want to wear this lipstick, I remind myself to scrub my lips and drink a lot of water so my lips does not appear drying. I find some way to apply this beautifully is by apply any matte nude lipstick and put this lipstick on top of it. It will appear beautiful and make my lips sexier~~ The smell same as the rest of MAC Lipstick smell like candy. Pigmentation is so-so on my lips but build-able. Last up to 4-5 hour on my lips. If you want to build-up some sexier effect on your lips, this color will surely help you. This shade is permanent in MAC Store so you can get this if you like the color. 

Price: RM74
Availability:  MAC Store 

Amacam? Heee...
I hope you like the review and find it helpful either to take this in you lipstick collection or not. The review is based on my personal opinion on how I feel about this lipstick :)

Till then, xoxo

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  1. After getting a few matte shades, after this nak go into Amplified shades pulak. cantik!

    1. Go go and find one. Prefer if you can choose bright color for amplified texture cause it last on lip much longer :)

  2. does this shade available in Malaysia? sebab tak jumpa pun Reel Sexy kt sini (alamanda mac). -_____-"

    1. Available. I think this is in range is Limited Edition perhaps. I tak smepat tanyak MAC sa tu..