Friday, March 04, 2016

DIY: Ring Holder/Case

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Salam Jumaat! Happy Friday.. Wahh Its Friday already.. Here another DIY Project I've been up to. It is actually nothing new. You can find so many style and design of making this out there, It totally depends on what design do you like. Since I've been on a long break now I've got nothing to do at home unless just relax and rest. Which I kinda like and enjoy it at the moment. Meanwhile waiting for that I come across to do a few DIY Project. Actually This Idea pops out because I want to make a room deco and organize a few stuff especially my beauty stuff and jewelry/accessories collection. While I'm in middle of working on this project I say why not I share about this on my blog! So here it is. Very simple and save money. I just used a few recycle things that still good yet not useful anymore. Let's make it more useful right. If you interested to know how I made my personal Ring Holder/Case keep on reading. 

Here some items you need. Actually the basic is only Box, Felt Fabric, and Hot Glue Gun je but at that time I don't have enough Felt Fabric because I buy only 1 pcs at Daiso so I need to make it more bigger in size that is why I create the paper roll and add more fabric to it. But it is totally optional for you to make as I do or make on your own way. But I find if you put the paper roll it make the holder more sturdy. Lucky that I found a very optimal shoes box cover as my holder and it is in white color.

I'm started with rolling the paper according to the desired size. Follow the box sizes lah senang cite. Then I roll again using the fabric and glue it using hot glue gun. Sorry for the messt floor looking there because I was in the middle doing it and this is the last pcs of the rolling thingy.

After that, I roll again using the felt fabric. As I meantion earlier! the fabric is totally optional. You can just proceed with rolling the felt fabric instead. Since I lack of the felt fabric so I need to add more density to the rolling that why I add the fabric. If you planning to make it eaier just buy extra felt fabric okehh..

Jangg Jangg~ Siap rolling in the deep! Hahaha.. Joking! Siap dah 8 rolling felt!

Next, you just put the rolling felt inside the box. Makesure it fit well. just to make it more clean finish. I add a little piece of felt fabric at the side of the box so it have a clean finish to it. Takde la nampak "togel" je kan. Biar kemas sikit.

SIAP! This is the final look of my ring holder. If you want something much more decorative you can add ribbons or any decorative stuff at the box. Totally optional and according to your personal interest!

Here are some of my Ring Collection. Not that much tho!. I have some random design that use to be popular throwback around 4-5 years. Hahahaha.. Very old stuff. I used to love wearing a very big rings around me but now I think my preferences has change since I'm growing more likely adult. Hahaha.. Taste semua jadi "matang" NGEEE! *taknak cakap dah tua :P

I think by making this Ring Holder/Case it makes me more easy to find my rings and place it after I'm done using it. It display beautifully on my shelves. I just love it! Now my life become more organize day by day. Because I keep thinking of making something new form my room decoration by using all stuff I have at my home also known as recycle. Hahahaa.. I don't really ave to spend much for it tho. Happy me! I hope you like my DIY Project here. Do check out more DIY Project I've done HERE

Till then. xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Woww great DIY tips babe ! I need to make one for myself now ! :D

    1. Yahh! You should make it. I bet you have a tons of rings right?! hehehee..