Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bali Travelgue: [DAY 3] Sourvenir at Krisna and Tanah Lot Tample, Bali


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Countinue from THIS POST, Here is our next activities at Bali on third day part 2. 

After lunch, we went for survenir hunting. The Tourist guard bring us to KRISNA. For me, if you really want to buy a sourvenir for your a bunch of people this is the place because it give the best and cheap price ever compare to any other place. Best place for Oleh-Oleh di Bali. I purchase all sourvenir for my friends at KRISNA. Hope you guys like it! Hehehee.. But some others I pick at other local places. Benda dah setahun probably some of my friend forget already. Hehehee.. 

Presenting! The MOST must-go-place at Bali. TANAH LOT TEMPLE. This located at South West Coast and know for the best place for photograph temple in Bali. Let's check it outttt~

There you go! The view was magnificent! The pagoda like temple sitd on a small, rocky isler surrounded by water at high tide and otherwise accessible by a ramp. This view was only taken using my iPhone 6 okeh! Very beautiful. Despite the cormasilaise few sight compare with dramatic view of sun dropping behind the ocean and sithouetting the temple which is venerated as holy site believed to guarded by snakes. The view is pluss with the sunset! Ya Allah the Almighty!

before we take-off form let's shop something.. Hehehee..

Dinner at Restoran Simpang Raya Bali. Selepas penat berjalan and it is dinner time! most of us memang dah kelaparan and that night we choose to try Nasi Padang. Nasi Padang is very well-known at Bali.

That night we choose for Nasi Padang! and the tourist guard bring us to this place. For me I think it is really nice. But my cosuin said that he have tried much better in Malaysia but I don't know where is the place but for me It is all good! But my mood a bit swig that night due to something so.... everything ok je.. Kekekekee..

After dinner, We went to hotel and have a walked around Kuta City. A must go to place at Bali is the Hard Rock Cafe but kitaorg jalan je. Tak masuk pun. Hihihii.. Most of us memang penat lahh.. Now nak rehat~

Back to our hotel!

When at hotel there is the time I able to update my instagram and so on. With wifi provided at Hotel.
So, my third day at Bali come to the end. Will continue to the fourth day soon. Wait yahh..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Seronoknya bercuti ramai-ramai... jalan jalan pun best and paling best tgk pemandangan dan amek gambar lah kan!

  2. Bali ni sebenarnya tmpt aim nk p honeymoon. (Malu) haha

    1. memang ramai yang honeymoon dkt bali pun liz. nanti pergi lah ke sana..