Monday, February 22, 2016

Foodies: Pretz n' Beanz Cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

If you're looking for something unique and delicious, do check out Pretz n' Beanz Cafe!

Pretz n' Beanz Cafe is like a special place for pretzels and coffee. Not just that, they also have varieties of meals. TRUST ME! Your mouth will start watering after this. So keep on reading okeh. The cafe design was quite cozy for all customer to come and have a great coffee time with your friends and family. Great place for all to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Prepare for mouth watering picture after this!

Java Chip Ice Blended  - RM13.90
Who love chocolate like me you'll love this! Sedap!

Green Tea Latte - RM11.90                                                                             Caffe Latte - RM11.00
The Green Tea Latte memang nice. The taste is nicely and great as well. 
But the Caffe Latte is like a strong coffee. For those yang minat coffee you can try this. 

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza. *RECOMMENDED
Why it call Pretzel Pizza? Because this pizza was made up from pretzel dough! This dough was so good and soft. imagine you have a pizza that so soft at the inside yet crispy at the outside. SUPERB! Trust me. I take away some pizza and I put it on the refrigirator and I panaskan on the next day using microwave. The pizza taste still amazingly soft. tak keras langsung! Dough dia memang WIN! Worth to try..
Price: RM15.80 for 7"pizza / RM22.15 for 10"pizza

 Next, I mesti la kena try signature meals at Pretz n' Beanz ni that it Pretzels.
That day I tried two different flavour for Pretzels that is Basil Cheese and Cinnamon Suger 
Ohh! Both taste great. I still admire of the softness the pretzels is!
Price: Basil Cheese Pretzel RM7.30 / Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel RM6.25

 Champignon Baked Egg *RECOMMENDED
This menu is actually suitable for breakfast time. It is a eggs baked with tomatoes, mushroom and mozzarela cheese. This also served with pretzels. The plain pretzel taste great!Combined it make it more delicious. 
Price: RM 17.90

 Pretz n' Stew Green Curry Chicken *RECOMMEDNED
You should try this! It taste amazingly great! I just love it soo much. If I come again to Pretz n' Beanz Cafe I will definitely order this again! The Taste was quite good 
Price: RM19.00++ like that *i lupa 

 Filled Pretzels in Apple Cinnamon and the other one is in Sweet potato
The different about this pretzels is that it has filling in it. You can choose so many different filling in it but that day i tried the apple cinnamon and sweet potato. Both taste amazingly great. Sedap-sedap!
Price: RM11.55

 Royale Salmon Egg Benedict *RECOMMENDED
Hahaha.. Super healthy meals! This is actually listed in their breakfast menu but I ate it for dinner. OMG! This is great so delicious. I will order this again if I'm carving for salmon. It taste fresh and good. I like it! I even make special video for this on my instagram (@syafiqahhashimxoxo). Check out HERE
Price: RM26.40

Prawn Aglio Olio Spaghetti
They also served pasta! Name does not gambar kan meals dia. Pretz n' Beanz ni ada macam-macam! You can order more than just pretzels. 

So, our table full of meals that night. We try varieties of food. So far I was fully satisfied with the taste. Amazingly great and delicious! Memang sedap la senang cite. I sampai takde nak complain pape. Hahahaha.. Masuk je mulut makanan tu terus teruja kesedapan. kekekekee.. By the way, you may see that I ordered so many foods but I don't eat all of them by myself. Actually i was sharing with others as well. i just nak try varieties of food they served. Yumm!

As a desert we have their signature dessert that is Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream. Sedappp! I was satisfied with the taste but I recommended if you share for two people for this one dessert sebab portion besar and banyak. Plus you cannot eat it too much sebab sweet! So, order this for two people okeh. 
Price: RM13.65

Kami kenyang! YEAYYY..
For those yang tak tahu nak santai-santai makan dengan family or friends dekat mana you can check out Pretz and Beanz Cafe! They will serve the best for you and you also can choose so various of meals. Just incase you want to eat pretzels and your friends nak makan pizza. They served it! I mean there is more at Pretz n' Beanz Cafe! You won't regret it! Yummms...

For more info about Pretz n' Beanz Cafe do check this out:-
Instagram/ Twitter : @pretznbeanz 
Hashtag: #pretznbeanz
Waze: Pretz n Beanz Solaris Mont Kiara

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  1. sedap2 nyer pika! next time i nak try yg green curry chicken tu lah pulak :)

    1. Kak Illy, hari tu pika dh tanya about the Green Curry but they discontinued it already!! sad!! But memang sedappp..