Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bali Travelgue: [DAY 3] Tanjung Benoa and Turtle Island/Farm

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
I don't know how to start this story. I mean it is been a year since I went to Bali for vacation with my family. This is my fourth attempt to blog about this. I keep losing the picture. Something coming up and I cannot finish this post but now it is the time for me to complete my Bali Travelogue post! Come On pika!! Now I have to find my mood and feels to imagine like I'm at Bali right now as to write this post. Errrr~ Hahahaa..

This post is continue from THIS. You can read up the previous post on how I spend the first and second day at Bali. This post is for the 3rd day I was at Bali. Lemme get the spirit to write up first~ hihihiii..

As usual, Before we start our touring day. Always start with breakfast. I eat bunch on breakfast because I need to get some energy for the touring season. I must say, You need a lot of energy if you want to travelling. Especially if you with packages set up by agency, You need to follow their schedule because they already prepared this and that for their customers. Here some tips, You really need a lot of energy okeyh. Don't skip your meals!

After having breakfast, we're ready for the touring session. 

On the third day, The first place that we visit is Tanjung Benoa. This place is famous with tourist. This is where people can see beautiful beach and at here they also provides some activities such as Banana Boat, Jet Sky, Parasailing, Glass Bottom Boat, Diving and other. unfortunately to play all this game is base by own expenses. Does not include in the package. 

So, just watch others enjoy their activities. Hahahaa. *Siapa suruh tak tukar duit bebanyak.. Lalalalalaa~

We end up choosing Glass Bottom Boat! This is how the glass bottom boat looks like. Hahahahaa.. I was like gelak guling-guling. There is nothing much I can see through this glass. You can see better feature of fish even without this glass. I think this is just not worth. You can take the normal boat will be fine. Hahaha.. Don't really bother to take this Glass Bottom Boat. I don't find any special about it. Trust me!

We take this Glass Bottom Boat to go to Turtle Island. This is very famous place to visit if you at Bali. 

Meanwhile on our way to the Turtle Island, The boat take a rest and that time we can feed fish. Bagi ikan makan roti but ikan-ikan tu serious sombong bak hang! Hahaha.. I think they just full because there is so many people feed them already. Ngeeheee..

Here we are. We arrived at the Turtle Island. Or base on the signboard Turtle Farm!

When you enter this of course you'll expect turtle right..

The moment we enter, we already excited by seeing turtle touch here and there. Hahahaa..

So, I though it is over with turtle but it is not! There is more where the BIG TURTLE pulakkk..

My dad manage to grab one of those big turtles

I want it as well.. and The turtle hunt begins.. hihiii..

Okeyh, You can see my over excited face there. I was enter that kolam to catch some Big Turtle my self. OMG! It was sooo heavyyyyyyyy.. Hahahahaa.. 

By the way, You not only will entertain by turtle but also other type of animal that rarely seen where you can only see it at Animal Farm or Zoo. Except for snake. You can find at any bushes right. Muehehehee.. To be honest, I paling geli and tak suka dengan Snakes! Geli Geli but that day I try memberanikan diri to hold it myself. Eyukkk! Senyuman pun terpaksa tu.. Kekekekeee..

And the touring at Turtle Island come to the end. Everyone smells like Turtle already. Hahahaa..

Now we only think about FOOD! Hahahahaa... Lapar wehhhh after posing sana posing sini and gelak sana gelak sini.. 

We are then having our lunch at local place. This place call Budesa

Afrina pun dah kelaparan. Hehehee..

This is my lunch that time. You can see various form of food are served to us in one plate. There is chicken, begedil, satay, telur rebus, tempe, and more. Portion per person I guess.. Hehehee..

This is the desert. Anyway I think the desert is delicious! Hahahaha.. Cuma Pisang Goreng with chocolate souses. Hehehee.. When you at others people place, during that time you will miss you own local food. Trust me! Hehehee...

I will end this journey up till here and will continue with another post soon for Day 3 Part 2. What is our activities during evening? Wait yahhh~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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