Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MAC Saigon Summer Lipstick review


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
If you been following me, Especially in Product review post I could not miss share about MAC Lipsticks right?? I was obsess with it. Everytime I stop at MAC Store I don't miss a chance to grab one but sometime datang main swatch-swatch lipstick je.. Ngeehee.. So, this is quite different from any other lipstick I owned from MAC because the texture is cremesheen formula. I never imagine to grab this but I get it anyway! Hahahaa..

To be honest, at first sight I kinda love it but when I try for the second time I hate it! Like I think it does not blends well with my lips something like that. So, I decide not to wear it for quite long time since I bought it and one day I accidentally grab this lipstick and put it on my makeup-pouch and go out. By the time I want to touch-up some lipstick I found that I bring the wrong shade! Hahahhaa.. But rather than look pale I just apply this lipstick. I was surprise that my friend compliment my lips that time. Because it seem natural yet orangy at the same time. I was sooo "kembang" la of course. Hahhaa.. I told them the story and I think I need to give some look to this lipstick back! Hahhaaa.. The main reason maybe because of the lasting and consistency of this lipstick on my lips not as good as other lipstick but ever since I start to love it. It does looks wonder on my lips. Hahhaaa *puji diri sendiri.. Lalalalalalaaa..

The color is sheen forsted bright orange. The color on the lipstick tube and on the lips appear differently because of the finish I guess. It glides smooth on my and and moisturize. Not that opaque where you still can see your original lips color I think it is semi-opaque. What I find a bit so-so that it leave some line-effect to my lips after a few hours of wearing. but still can be adjust. Ngeehee. It has shimmer! Yahhh! GOLD  shimmer. I think this lipstick will appear marvelous for event or any special occasion. I tried once apply Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 24 Carot Gold and I glides another layer of MAC Saigon Summer Lipstick it looks awesome! Will practice this method more soon. YUMSS. Overall, I think it is wearable color will look stunning for those who have fair-medium skin tone.

Price: RM74
Availability: MAC Store

Here how it looks on my lips. I can tell it give some big-lips effect to me. Currently trying to like it as much as possible. Hahaha. I don't want my money go waste for no reason. Because I love LIPSTICKS!!! Ehee..

Till then, xoxo

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