Sunday, January 10, 2016

George Town by JoshLee Perfume review


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Have I've done any perfume review before? I don't think so. right? Hehehe.. Actually I do have several favorite perfume I owned. I'm a type of person who stick to one scent if I like it. I want it to be my signature scent. Today I would like to introduce to you about Malaysia local brand perfume. Yup! It becoming my all time favorite once I got it from Market 16 Jaya One last year. The perfume is George Town by JoshLee Perfume. It is a Heritage through scent a new fragrance for him and her. World's first heritage city fragrance. Since it fragrance I don't really know how to show your the smell. well, I don't think you can show smell right. Hahahaa.. So, I just give a few brief about this perfume. This perfume is actually specially created by Josh Lee, the award-winning Perfume Master from Top French Perfumery School. And mostly it is a local brand!

First of all, I like the packaging, It so beautiful and sleek! I like how the cover is made form wood and the color of perfume appear turquoise in the bottle. It come in 50ml size and eau de toilette that couls last on me about 4 hours. As claim that in the golden days of Colonial Penang, a merchant was sitting at the jetty while holding a cup of bergamot tea at dawn. While sipping the bergamot tea, which slowly diffused a refreshing and calming aroma, he looked out to the sea and watched the ship docking at port. The cold morning sir fused with tangy sea breeze brought him out to the spice trading scene where he experienced the fragrence of punget spices mingled with the heady scent of local flowers (hibiscus & rose) and woody scent from traditional houses in the vicinity. To him, this was the quintessential scent of George Town. Basically who from Penang will familiar with this situation right. 

You can tell I used it frequent because it almost half of the bottle right now.. My current go-to-perfume. Ehee~ I hope you like my review. I will share more about perfume I used my top favorites that I have right now and so on!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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  1. Hi Syafiqah,

    Thanks for the good review. It's awesome to hear that you like the perfume.