Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beauty: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in 24 Carrot Gold


Hello everyone !

If you looking for an Orange Lipstick color makesure you keep reading this. I will not let you guys down because I finally found an orange lipstick I was looking for this while. Feeling Happy !! Yahoo..The lipstick I've been talk about is Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in 24 Carrot Gold. Wet n Wild Lipstick come out with more than 20++ shades. They have a shade from nude to super bold and dark colour of lipsticks. It was a great because you can choose your favorite color from variety. Plus It also affordable to get. Soo cheap I guess. For you information this lipstick is hard to get at any physical store so you need to buy it online. Go visit Colour Cosmetics Malaysia Website if you wish to have one. 

I have try this lipstick for a few times now and I like it ! This is my very first Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color. and I really attracted to this Orange color that is 24 Carrot Gold color! It has a great Orange color and the color seem a little bit Neon Orange for me. I was soo Happy once I got this lipstick because I was looking for a good matte lipstick color in orange color for a long time ago and I couldn't find what I desired of and Finally THIS IS IT!! This is the Orange Lipstick color that I've been looking for. Can you imagine how Happy I am??? YEAHHHH !

The Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color packaging. If for the packaging I will give an average rate because it come in a plastic like packaging with transparent cover on it. What I like about it because the transparent cover because you can see the color right away if you organize it on the lipstick holder and you can easily choose what color you need. what I don't like because the plastic packaging looks more cheap side lipstick..kekekee.. but I guess it still okay and functioning well since the lipstick itself really good. so we can slightly ignore this side. :)

Product Details:-
Name: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color
Code: 24 Carrot Gold [969]
Shade: neon like Orange
Net weight: 3.3 g

Close up the lipstick 

This is the swatch of this lipstick on my hand.
In this picture it turn slight different because of the lighting.

Ecehcehcehh..Gaya posing tu macam ada peluang je nak jadi model Lipstick. Hehehee..

Base on my opinion I think this lipstick has a good pigmentation. It is a semi-matte type of lipstick where it finish seem matte yet it will not let your lips feel dry or leave any chalky effect to it. But It will starts to feel a little bit dry after a few hours of wearing so if you have suer dry lips makesure apply some lipbalm or liptreat to moisture your lips first. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color glides on my lips easily with out feel cakey or too glossy, which I love it. As for the color consistency, it can provide a great color to my lips. it feature the same color as on the lipstick itself. The lasting effect of this lipstick up to 4 hours but once it start to fade off it will not 100% fades it will leave some stain o your lips which I totally like it because it seem a little bit natural orangy lips. Woohooo.. This totally going to be my favorite. This lipstick is totally on-trend and this 24 Carrot Gold will look gorgeous on any skin tone. But however, here some I advice that I can share that you have to exfoliate your lips first before you apply this lipstick because this will stay as line especially when you have a super dry lips like me. Well, I guess you need to exfoliate your lips always as for the lipstick can stay put very nice and great on your lips. I have to drink more water then I have drink now. Hehehee. 

RM 16

Where to buy:-
Colours Cosmetics Malaysia

I really like this lipstick and obviously because of the color. I definitely make a right choice for this lipstick. I think I finally found and orange lipstick color that also suitable for my skin tone. hehee..Happy Happy ! Psssttt.. my next wishlist is Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color  in Pinkerbell! Can't wait to try that color. Well ofcourse I wish I have all color. but step by step.. Now I have to stop my budget/financial for cosmetic product. cakap je..nanti beli gakk..kekekee...

Until here my review, I hope you like my review. If you have any inquires and question to ask me, please comment on the comment box below. I will update more frequent soon! 

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  1. wooohoo the orange colour is so nice and it suits you very well dear ^_^

  2. Hye.. The orange looks nice on you btw! Its pretty ;D Anyways, boleh I tahu berapa hari CCM proses untuk post out and deliver barang ke rumah Sebab I nak shop on the website but tak banyak review bout it.. Whether the service is good or not.. But your review seems positive so hope you could share it with me. Thanks :)