Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beauty: Systema Spiral Toothbrush & Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants


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Last a few months ago I received this two product that is Systema Spiral Toothbrush and Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants. I feel happy because I have added new product for my bath routine. I already used both product and I obviously like them both. Especially the toothbrush.

Systema Spiral Toothbrush 

I personally like this toothbrush. I also can feel the different after using this toothbrush. It does clean my teeth thoughout. Systema Spiral Toothbrush come with 2 colored hexagon shaped filaments, twisted together to form spirals that scrape away plaque on tooth surface more effectively. It claims able to remove 40% more plaque because of the shape that have 6 sharps sides to scrape away the plaque more effectively. The size of 0.02 mm Super Slim Bristles can penetrate deeper along gum-line and in-between-teeth which is the hardest to reach area. It also less pressure leading to more comfortable clean. As the first timer you may feel a little bit harsh at the first time using but after that you will feel you teeth start to clean nicely and the hand grip also have a good design where your can grip the toothbrush easily while you brushing your teeth.


Where to buy:-
Hypermarket, Supermarket or Any Pharmacies

Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants

As for this Shower Bath I like it because its superior lather with just one pump. It also non-sticky and easy to rinse will leave a refresh feel after shower. As for the smell was nice. If you love floral like shower bath you may try this. It come with enchanting nature unfused long lasting scent that can captive your scent throughout the day. As for me Shokubutsu Shower Bath have the smell where we can detect that the smell or fragrance are belongs to Shokubutsu Shower Bath. Shokubutsu Japan Original Truple Power of Plants are created by reseachers of Lion Japan. This Shower Bath come with new formula that claims can provides complete care by gentle cleansing, restoring and nourishing skin. The ingredient were also 100% plant cleasing for natural mild and gentle cleansing.

RM5.90 [220g-Small Bottle]
RM13.90 [650g-Large Bottle]
RM7.90 [550g-refill pack]

Where to buy:-
Hypermarket, Supermarket or any Pharmacies

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