Monday, August 25, 2014

Beauty: MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili


Hello everyone..

YES YES YES..Finally I owned this lipstick..I bought it on April 2014..YAAHOOO!
I love bold and matte finish lipsticks..This MAC Matte Lipsticks in Chilli is no ordinary red lipsticks I can say..It is an brown orangey red lipsticks..It caught my attention when I first try this lipstick at MAC Cosmetics Store, One Utama..I just could't resist myself from buying this..I was excited when I applied this on my lips and I showed to Wiida how it goes and she say It is a beautiful colour for me and suite my skins tone as well..

MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili I bought it at MAC Store at One Utama..This I bought it on April..If I'm not mistaken it is on 16 April 2014 because it is the day after my birthday which is on 15 April..First I want to find something more orange and do not leave any "line" effect on my lips..I'm not sure what so called it but it is like when you smile you can see the line of the lipstick on your lips..I try Morange at first and it leaves "line" effect on my lips plus my lips are soo dark not suitable for me I guess but it looks good on Wiida..I think the problem is My Lips! hahahaa..So, I try to find the best orange effect that I can get last I choose Chili..but it is not orange-orange but more to brown brick orange..I think it is suitable for me and I like it as well!

This is how the packaging looks like..
The lipsticks comes in usual black case packaging and it is under matte range

Product details:-
Product Name: MAC Matte Lipstick
Code: Chili
Shade: Brownish Orange-Red [Matte]
Net/Quantity: 3g

The swatch for MAC Matte Chili on my hand...

As I mention earlier this Mac Matte Lipstick in Chili is not an ordinary red lipstick colours..It come with brown orange-red tones and matte finish..This colour are definitely suitable for my skin tone as I have medium skin tone..It does gives an opaque coverage in one to two swipes..I love full opaque lips..This lipsticks can stand out on your lips up t6 hours and when it starts to fades it is not completely fade away yet it will stay as a red tint..However, when you having a great big meals, I recommended for you to re-apply..The texture of this lipstick is smooth and glides perfectly on my dry lips..No weird fragrance or what so ever but you can smell like sweet smell but not to hard..Just a nice smell..


Where to buy:-
MAC Cosmetics Stores

This is the how MAC Matte Lipstick [Chili] on my lips
Totally like it. I think the color suite well with my skin tone and my dark lips. hehehee..

This is a red orange colour that suitable for any skin tone I guess..It will dramatically pop out when you apply for pastel and smooth colours of goes well for smokey effects too! the texture is matte but it doesn't bother my dry lips at glides perfectly on it..I don't like too much chili on my meals because I can't sand spicy food but I say go for Mac Chili on my lips! yezzaaaa..Hope you like my review..

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  1. this is the red that I love!! it looks so good on you Pika ^_^

    1. Thank you so much mieza !
      Red more to brownie side..nice!hehehee..

  2. cantik! bestfriends wiida pun beli color ni. haha. lawa sangat2! anyway, MAC dh naik harga. RM 70 lipstick sekarang. SEDIH! ;(

    1. Awhhhh!! Really..naik dua henget sudahh..
      bila dengar RM70 tu macam mahal pulakk..huhuhuu..

  3. Omg. Nice color!

    Selalu nak pakai dat kind of color, tapi belum berani lagi. hehehe

    1. time try la..this color can match nicely for any skin tone especially malay skin tone.
      try taw.. the way, thank you dear :)