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Beauty: Scholl Velvet smooth Express Pedi


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Last a few day after raya I received this amazing Express Pedi from Scholl. My Famiy and I are Scholl shoes lover! We normally choose a shoes from Scholl because it is very comfortable to wear. Not just shoes. Scholl also come out this amazing Express Pedi. Well, to be honest, how many times do we regularlly do a pedicure right? With this amazing Express Pedi it will help us to smooth out foot at any time. Treat your feet. They deserved it! Not only your face need a constant care but your feet it it too..

Let me introduce to you the Scholl Velvet smooth Express Pedi !
It is an electronic foot device that will help you to remove a hard skin on your foot effectively.
Scholl really show how they really care about our foot you know not only knowing with their comfortable shoes range but it also came out with this Express Pedi Device. This will help you to achieve a beautiful smooth skin right after you used it.

This is how the device looks like. Really easy to hold and grab with the slight bend feature at the top make it more easy to handle especially when it come to your feet.

The manual foot scrub will also help you to remove the hard skin on you foot but to be honest I have tried it myself and it is not as effectively as I imagine because the dead skin does not fall of properly and my skin start feel like a scrubbing surface plus it also requires a lot of energy while you scrubbing your foot. Am I right?? By with Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi there is no more excessive dead skin and save your energy because this device use energy from a batteries. This device used 4 AA batteries [include in the packaging] for it to functional and the head will start to rotate over and over again. You have to directly put it to your dead skin and you can see you dead skin start to fall off.

The features that make this device more easy and friendly to be used.

You can see how I easy to used this device featuring my huge feet in this picture. hehee.. I have to admit that I do have really huge feet because for women shoes I have to take size up to 40/41/42 depends on the design. Seriously huge right. But however with this feet I can walk, run and able do my routine everyday! Alhamdulillah. So they definitely deserved some treatment.

How to used this device?

Simply turn the power button from 0 to 1, then gently glide the roller head to your hard skin on your foot than your dead skin will start to fall off and exfoliate. Makesure glide this to all over your hard skin/dead skin. After finish the process you can rinse you foot to remove any excess dead skin. dry your foot then you can start feel the smooth surface to your foot. For best result, you can apply moisturizer to your foot and do a little massage to it. You foot will feel amazing after that.

*Guess what. I even used this device while watching television. How portable this device is! You can enjoy watching television while having a beautiful foot at the same time. wooohoooo!

This is the picture BEFORE and AFTER using the Scholl Velvet smooth Express Pedi also featuring my huge feet. kekekee... You can see a different on this picture where the my feet have a lot of hard skin. Since I always walk to tiles floor without wearing any slippers that also can cause hardener to my skin.

I try my best to take a photo of my own foot. Since I was alone that time and no one can help me to take picture of my feet thats why the picture came out like this. But still you can see the different right. Now I know how hard it is to take a picture of your own feet. hehehee..

Refills: RM49.90

Where to buy:-
Scholl Store, Watson, Guardian or any Hypermarket

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