Thursday, December 31, 2015

DILWALE worth to watch!

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

I don't know if this is too late for me to share or what. Last week on Saturday (26 DEC 2015) my family and I go watch DILWALE at TGV The Strand, Kota Damansara and It was so fun! everyone say it is a must watch movie in 2015. Even my brother say this movie much better than Avenger!!! OMG! For those who fanatic with HINDUSTAN.  This is a must watch movie for you. I mean this is my very first time watch Hindustan at cinema. hehehee.. Glad the movie came out sooooo GOOD! Love the combo of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Perfect legend for Hindustan movie. So, for those who not watch this movie go and watch it! the song was great as well. My favorite Janam Janam and Gerua! Bestt! Here some clips for the video. 

I keep repeating listening to this song again and again! While writing this post this song is playing. Lalalalalalaaa~

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Monday, December 28, 2015

WIW: Kunenggg

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

My final examination is around the corner guys! I mean tomorrowwww!! Hahahaa.. The first paper is quite "killer" paper for me because I really not good with mechanization plus there is calculation that make it even harder. Hahhaa.. Currently is my break-time from study and planning to update this outfit post. I bought the Zawara skirt long time ago and now I had a chance to wear it. It was great and fit me very well. I love how it flowy and comfortable wearing it. Last Wednesday I finally had a chance on wearing this skirt and I paired with blouse from H&M. Match with my forever favorite crumple shawl! Hehehee.. Here some ideas for those who have big legs like me! hihihihiii.. By the way, wish me luck guys. Have a nice day ahead~

What I Wear:-
Scarf: Bonita
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Zawara
Handbag: MNG Touch

Till then, xoxo

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shopping Haul: what I got from Freeport A'famosa Outlet

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

On Monday (21st Dec 2015) my family come to Melaka for short vacay for them. So, we went to Freeport A'famosa Outlet which people claim that it is the same as Johor Premium Outlet and Mitsui Outlet, Sepang. Since this place is still new so not much store are open yet. As far by I can see not much caught my attention but get my dad and brother attention the most. Overall, I really like the design of this place. It so unique and different compare to any other outlet. It will look bombastic for photos! #OOTD #WIW #LOOKPOST heheheee.. So, here some shopping haul that I purchase during my shopping at Freepost A'famosa Outlet. Most of it was beauty product. YEAYYY!

Nature Republic
This brand is from South Korean cosmetic brand and what I got from here was the BEST SELLING product that is Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel! I was obsess with this product ever since I purchase it. I keep using it from up-to-toe. Hehehee.. This product contain 300ml which is huge amount. You know how Aloe Vera will give benefits for your skin right so this will definitely suitable for all skin type. I just love is feel cool when you used it and it absorb really well on skin and no weird scent to it. I purchase with the value pack which cost about RM65.80 for 3 bottles of this product. WORTH! My sister take one also my brother. Hehee.. By the way, I can see a lot of FAKE for this product selling in the market just beware of it. You don't know the contain. So, I advised you to get this from Nature Republic store. 

I got various of masks from Elianto!! You can see that I stock-up some masks here.. Actually, this store was like major combine with Bonita, Tiamo brand and on that store also have Elianto brand. I was eyeing for the masks and 1 pack of mask consist on 3 masks in it and cost you only RM9.90. The first purchase I only take 3 packs of mask so, I go pay at the counter and the seller said that this is buy 2 free 1. I was so excited with it and I go back to the masks area and pick some more masks~~ So total I get 6 packs of mask. 6x3=18 masks for RM39.60 ! YEAYYY.... I just try the cucumber and will try another later. Let me try all the mask first and I will up some review for each masks. 

Thats all my steal that day. I din't buy much coz the store is not officially opened yet. Btw, I got free stand paperdoll of Kai EXO there. Thanks Nature Republic! Going to put him on my vanity table. Heheee.. *sorry for being k-pop girl for a moment. Kekekeee...

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Shizens Double Auto Brow review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I got this product actually early this year and it just the time I finally had a chance to review about it that is Shizens Double Auto Brow. I think it is call double auto because it has the brush/spoolie at the end of this eyebrow pencil. For those might not know about Shizens, it is a brand that come out with skincare and cosmetic and offers a wide range of products. Shizens is basically combination of eastern value, on botanical extract wit advancement of western technology. The famous product from Shizins is Lip Tattoo which I also have. Thanks to my beauty friend, Wiida for giving me the Lip Tattoo. Muahhh! But today, I don't want to talk about the lip tatto but I want to share about the Brow product. I'm a type of person who love to do my brow. As for daily basis as well. Brow really a MUST for me. Hehehee.. Who with me?? *put your hand up !

This is how the packaging looks like. Come with grey covers for both ends.

This is retractable type so you don't bother to sharpening it. Twist according to desired long so you can use it very well. This eyebrow has an oval shape stick end that helps to apply the eye brow easier able to control according to desired shape. Have brush/spoolie at the other end helps to make the eye brow becomes more natural once you brushed it with out leaving a harsh lines. The color that I got here is Cappuccino Brown it is similarly to my eyebrow color..hahahhaa.. Okay, jokes. I mean that this color is able to create my brows to more natural and not too much. 

I don't know why with me cause people normally will do their brow starting from below line but for me I prefer to start form upper line. Heeee.. I just draw according to my original eyebrow shape. I don't re-shape my brow because it will look weird for me. Hahaa.. Always keep it minimal. I hope you find my review helpful. Any inquiries please leave in the comment box below.

Till then, xoxo

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Foodies: Honey Creme Desa Sri Hartamas

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Who love Ice-Cream. If you scroll down my Instagram you can see I am a die-hard fan of ice-cream. I mean everytime I get stress or try to balance-up my mood I will looking for an ice-cream. Even, when I'm happy I want ice-cream as well!!! Heee~

Last Wednesday (23rd Dec 2015) I try this new premium organic soft-serve ice-cream from Honey Creme! Honey Creme is actually a korean-style ice-cream and you don't have to bother to go to Korea to get this ice-cream because it is now available in Malaysia. 
YEAYY! Marilah bergoyanggg~~

This ice-cream basically more for healthy ingredient content and nutritional toppings on it. They have raw honeycomb which is the best seller and I regret not to try it! Errr~ they also have dark chocolatepopcornsaffogatoorganic mixed grains and cotton candy! YUMSSS.. You can choose either to eat the ice-cream in a cup or cone. The cone also made-up wit organic ingredients and come with colorful types. 

That day, I tried 2 different ice-cream that is Dark Chocolate and Popcorns.

Dark Chocolate
This most chosen as well, I love it. It come with two premium dark chocolates selected for the base and the crispy crunch. It sparkled with Italian pink rock salt on top to enhancing the sweet taste. *recommended

The soft serve ice-cream is topped with caramel popcorns that imported from USA. I can feel the popcorns a really different compare to any other regular popcorns. When the crispy and crunchy caramel popcorns synthesize with the original soft serve ice-cream, you will experience an immaculate taste of joy in this ice-cream. I'm totally loving it. The ice-cream it self already delicious and imagine when it come with caramel popcorns. UWAHHH~ *recommended

and Walahhh~ Hasil nya sungguh menyelera kan!

So, here my face yang tak sabar nak makan ice-cream!! Heee~
Overall I like it. The ice-cream was amazing. Next time I will come with my girlssss. YUMSS..

I also try the macaroon. It come with several flavor and that day I try chocolate and berry with marshmallow. If you ask me, I will say better stick with their ice-cream much more worth. NGEEE.. 

Honey Creme located at Desa Sri Hartamas. I don't know why with me, I still not "master" to go to Hartamas. Hahaa.. BOOO me! I know.. To get to this place you can WAZE "Mantera The Orange Tree Desa Sri Hartamas". To be honest, parking is quite difficult to find here. So I advice you to park at the car-park provided which you have to pay RM5/hour if I'm not mistaken or you will be sue RM100 like me because I'm parking at wrong place and wrong timing. T__T  FUHHH~

Anyway, for more info please visit their
Instagram: @honeycremehartamas

Till then, xoxo

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
NEON ORANGE? Can you imagine how the color would be if it in your lips! Hahaa.. The first reason I purchase this because it is a bright color which catch my attention the most. I purchase this early June 2015 if I'm not mistaken. Always forget the exact date. Hihihii.. Typical me! Anyway, this lipstick it the first MAC Amplified I owned. YEAYYY for me. because previously I always get attach to Matte Finish this time let's try some new bebehhh.. 
I don't know why in the tube does not showing as Neon Orange as it is. If you can see from the picture, if in the tube the color won't really pop-out like neon orange until up swatch and applied it! 

This is the swatch for the lipstick. With one swatch of this lipstick it give you a very great pigmentation and color. As you can tell it is really bright orange neon lipstick color.

My review:-
MAC Neon Orange lipstick is an Amplified Finish. As I mention that this is my very first MAC lipstick with Amplified finish. Yumm! The main reason because of the color! OMGG! I love bright lipstick because I think it compliment my skin very well! Hehehee.. Neon Orange it bold and stand-out color. Means that you probably can see my lip from far! Kinda medium orange with strong, warm red undertones. It is full and opaque color coverage and it was lightly creamy at the same time. The pigmentation of this lipstick is AMAZING! The texture is creamy not causing you lips to dry yet it long lasting. easy for application where it glides easily on your lips. Everyone know that MAC Lipsticks smell like candy right. This is my very first MAC Amplified and I love it. Would love to recommend this for those like bright lipstick. Pick this! This shade is permanent in MAC Store so you can get this if you like the color. 

Price: RM74
Availability:  MAC Store 

This is how the color looks like on my lips.

Hope you find my review helpful for you. I'm still collecting more MAC Lipsticks and I will definitely review each of it. I just want to let you guys know how the lipstick on me and does it suitable for us especially in Malaysia's weather. What occasion suitable for certain lipsticks this and that. My review is based on my personal opinion.

Till then, xoxo

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Right now I'm at my home sweet home! Feeling much better after a long months battling with assignmentsss, quizzes and test! Final Examination is around the corner. Currently is my study week. How fast time flies and now I almost finished my last semester in degree. Wait for the final examination then its over. I hope everything went so well. Amiin! Doakan Pika ea. Wish me luck! Thanks youuuu.. Hehehee.. Okay, talking about my study life, there must something that I could not missed as for my daily basis that is eyeliner. Actually, I'm fine going out without eyeliner but sometime I want to look fresh and awaken so eyeliner one of the solution will help me to reduce my morning fussy face. Hehehee.. I tried this eyeliner for a few past couple of month and I just keep reaching for this eyeliner over and over again! That time I realize that this is my current favorite eyeliner. YUMMS. I know about this eyeliner thank you to my friend, Mastura for introduce to me her everyday eyeliner favorite and now becoming mine! Hehehee... So, I decide to share this with you guys that is Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner. This eyeliner is been out for a long time and it just the time I tried this eyeliner. NGEE..

The felt-tip brush is firm which make the application much easier. It is easy to control especially when I'm doing an eye-cat kinda look. Just makesure you take a good care of the tip because it easy to damage.  

 Swatch for this eyeliner. this is the size of line that going to appear on you eyeline.

My review:-
The pigmentation of this eyeliner is buildable. I like it! First I like it because the color is true black! so dark and can be applied nicely. Application much easier with the felt-tip of the applicator. For some people may find the applicator tip is kinda big but I'm just fine with it. Like you can tell there is so many eyeliner with fine tip applicator but not the same as Silkygirl Precision Liquid eyeliner. It's kinda big but you can adjust it easily. I don't normally used liquid liner as daily basis sometime I do but most of the time I prefer the pencil like eyeliner but this win my heart lately. The formulation of this eyeliner is quite unique where it mention that suppost to be waterproof but it is easily to be remove! YAHHH... Maybe the waterproof it mention just if your eye exposed to light water but not so heavy. Don't worry, it won't cause any black smudge after remove. This is the reason why I like it!! As for me, I need to perform solat, as for daily I need to remove my makeup before wudhuk this eyeliner make my job easily. FInally! This is why I choose this eyeliner as daily basis. YEAYY.. If you're like me. Choose this!

Price: RM21.90
Availability: Watsons, Guardian, Any Silkygirl counter.

It is waterproof yet easy to be removed.

Me wearing this eyeliner. Superbb as my daily basis currently.
But I won't recommend for you if you going to swimming or water activities.

with my friend, Mastura! Thanks mamas for introducing me this eyeliner. Eheee~

Till then, xoxo

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Tips: How to storage your Samples Product [Contact Lens Case]

بسم الله الرحمن الهر نير الرحيم

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
I got this samples product from my last purchase at Kiehl's. Can read HERE for more info on what I purchase on Kiehl's. As I got a few samples of product they give me to try out. And there some product that I want to try so badly but the packaging make it hard to used plus it might get contaminated if it not been store very well. Since I don't really have any travel pack case anymore my mind came up with something interesting that is using Contact Lenses Case! Yahhh!!! I have so many Contact Lenses Case since I got it for free everytime I purchase a contact lens solution. So I fill-in the samples product from Kiehl's in this contact lens solution. Easy right!! So, Don't trow your extra contact lens case. It might be useful for you! Based on this I find that This contact lens cases can fit max 5ml in it. Not bad right. Wink ^_^

Here some quick review about this two samples that I get from Kiehl's.

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
Clinically demostrated to rapidly correct dark spot and clarify skin tone. For deep visible correction.
with a Potent Complex of Active C, White Birch and Peony
Sample size of  1.5ml

Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment 
*Active ingredient Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment
Clinically-Demonstrated to clear acne blemishes and allow skin healing while helping to reduce the appearance of post-acne mark.
with LHA and Dioic Acid
Sample size of 5ml

I using this sample until it finish and I will purchase if I find the product really works for me. Eyeing for the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. YUMSS.. Hehehee..I hope you find this tips very helpful for you. You can store more then just samples product in the contact lens cases. Might be suitable for travelling purpose as well. Let's just reuse what we have rather then purchase more travel cases. Hehehee..

Till then, xoxo

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Recipe: Murtabak Maggi

بسم الله الرحمن الهر نير الرحيم

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last few weeks I was soo busy with my paper works, assignments, FYP, quizzes and more! For this week I have 3 test in a row! IMAGINE! Wahhh... As you can tell it is the end of semester so tons of works need to be submitted before Final Examination begins. Fuhh~

If have some free time I can cook for myself. To be honest I'm not an excelent cooking I just can cook something simple yet tasty! Aicehhh.. I got an idea why not sharing my cooking recipe with you rather than keep story about beauty. Right?? But don't worry, my cooking skill is so-so. So everything I cooking is simple and can be done by anyone! Especially student like me. As we know that Maggi is like a "staple" food for every students I guess. It is been awhile since I eat instant noodle, a year I guess. I rarely eat instant noodle I will prefer to cooked someting else compare to instant noodle. Since my sudden craving come out lately, I want to make this Murtabak Maggi. It is a really simple recipe which an innovation of Maggi rather then just eat the maggi like normal one. This is how I make my Murtabak Maggi. Just follow this simple step.  

 2 Packs Maggi Kari (Rebus dan tos meggi tu dan rencang simpan)
Ayam (dipotong dadu)
Kobis (Cincang)
Carrots (potong memanjang_
3 biji Telur

Makesure you cook in a clean place. everything state must be washed very well before you cooked. Ensure your hand clean as well as your ingredients. Let's START
1. Didihkan air dan masukkan ayam smpai nampak macam dah semi-cooked tu
2. masukkan kobis dan carrots tadi kedalam didihan tersebut dalam seminit sahaja

3. Toskan hasil rebusan tadi
4. masukan maggi, hasil rebusan tadi dan jugak 3 biji telur dalam satu bekas dan gaulkan 

5. masukkan serbuk kari maggi tadi kedalam gaulan. kalau nak sedap lagi boleh tambah serbuk kari sikit dan juga garam secukup rasa
6. gaul jangan tak gaul. Sehingga sebati.

7. here you go. Sekarang boleh la masak gaulan tadi tu
8. biar la sehingga garing dan sesedap hati you ouls lahh..

YUMMS! Now it's ready to eat..
This is how I make my Murtabak Maggi. As for the ingedients you can choose based on what you like. It does not mean you have to follow my step. Just make sure you have this three MAIN INGREDIENTS ( Maggi, Serbuk Maggi, Telur). If you really don't have any additional ingredients in the kicthen you can cooked with this 3 main ingredients as well. No Problem! It is all up to you :)

I hope you like my recipe. Hahaha.. Wait for more recipe upcoming. Practice cooking ke ni??HehHehHehh.. *shy shy cat

Till then, xoxo

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

WhatsUpJB: ABC Kg.Melayu Majidee + DC Comics Super Hero Cafe + Danga Bay Theme Park and more


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Ready to read my journey to Johor recently? Hehehe.. Since my friend want to send his brother for registration at UiTM Pasir Gudang, Johor Bharu so we plan "short vacay" to Johor. Thank to my beautiful korean-look friend, Tyara and her family for accepting us sleeping at their home. So, dah jimat sikit dekat situ. Hehee.. We arrived at night and the next morning, wake-up and get ready for the journey. Hehee.. First, we send my friend's bother and then we went to Kg.Melayu, Majidee as our first stop. People said this place is famous with their ABC. Wondering why and let's have a try!

ABC Kg. Melayu Majidee
ABC Special - RM3.00
The ABC surely taste a little bit different compare to any other ABC I have try before. No wonder it is so well-known and a must-go-place when you at Johor Bharu. Surprise with the price as well. No mark-up or what so ever. It remains RM3 for ABC Special. Quite cheap!

 Here the place is. Called as Azmie Wawa dan Rakan-Rakan. Near the Masjid

Murtabak Daging Cheese Jumbo - RM20
Call as Jumbo because it quite big and suitable for 4 poeple to eat. What I attracted the most because of the cheese obviously. Hahahaa.. Nice and I like the idea. 

Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya 
Next we went for a walk at Puteri Habour, JB. Puteri Habour is the first marina in Malaysia located at Nusajaya Johor Bharu. It is a creation of the new world-class destination for tourist (including us. Hehee). Basically there is not much for us that time since we only come for a walk and glad that the view is beautiful. Suitable for those who interested for a walk and more-likely for santai. This place also popular for Wedding Photo-shoot. 

DC Comic Clothing Store and Cafe
Since the Little Red Cube is at the Puteri Harbour so we went for a walk and go to DC Comics Super Hero Cafe. For the fanatic DC Comics Super Hero you are more than welcome to try this. Overall, I really like the concept they try to serve where you eating while feeling like a Hero. Hehee.. The price is quite expensive but it is so delicious so I think it is worth to have and I will absolutely try again.

This is what I ordered that day. I could't remember what the name of this meal and the drink. Hahahaa..But it is delicious. 
Oh yahhh.. I remember that the code for the drink is F4. Hehhh..

Kota Iskandar
On the evening is rainy that time so we have no idea where to go then we stop by at the Kota Iskandar. By the time the rain stop here we are. crazily make the place like ours. Hahahaa.. Moreeee photo actually but this is among the best I guess. Hehee..

Fun Fair Danga Bay
At night after we having out dinner at the Dataran we went to Danga Bay Theme Park or we call it as Fun Fair. It is like a mini-theme park but thay have so much more games compare to the normal fun fair. Suitable for fun time with family and friends. Since we already have our dinner, no extreme ride for us or we going to puke after that. Hahahaa.. We only play Bumper Car. Heee. Cost us for about RM8/person. The period of playing this bumper car is quite long. Since we all are tired, its the time for us to take a break for the next day activities. It was a great day tho.. wait for my next post for WhatsUpJB.

Till then, xoxo

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